The Maspalomas Carnival is celebrated between 9-19 March, Carnaval Internacional de Maspalomas de 2023. The Theme for 2023 is “Ritmos Latinos”, Latin ryhtms, and was voted by popular vote.

*This program may be subjected to change 

⇒ Pre-event takes place on Tuesday, 7 March with the presentation of all the candidates at the Maspalomas Dunes viewpoint starting at 18:00. 

Carnival in the south starts on Thursday, March 09, at 20:30 with the Opening Show of the Carnival 2023 and the election of the Great Lady Gala on stage in the main square of the shopping centre Yumbo. 
Dedicated to seductive silver surfers, grannies-with-go, elder states-ladies and creaking-hot-mamas-with-attitude; this lovely event celebrates women of substance and standing in the local community who have been nominated for their representative kindness and lingering beauty.

• On Friday, 10 March The election of the Carnival child Queen on the main square of the shopping centre Yumbo at 19:00.
Mogollón “party” starts at 23:00 to end the festivities for Friday.

This year’s Carnival Queen Gala is on Saturday 11 March, at 21:00 on the main square of the shopping centre Yumbo. The contest features much of the glamour, colour and magic of Carnival. Candidates compete in extravagant costumes hoping to be selected as this year’s Carnival Queen.
Mogollón “party” starts at 23:00 to end the festivities on Saturday.

On Sunday, 12 March Carnival Troupe Show at 21:00 at Yumbo Shopping centre. 

The Gala without barriers is on Monday 13 March starting at 20:00, with the participation of local occupational centres at Yumbo Shopping centre.

On Tuesday 14 March Choreographic Festival at 20:00 at Yumbo shopping centre. 

On Wednesday, the ‘Canine Carnival’ at 17:00 will see participants, and their companions, showing off the originality of their fantasy costumes at Yumbo Shopping centre. 

The Drag Queen Gala is on Thursday 12, at 21:00.
Participants compete with dizzying choreography and costume, all hoping to gain the title of Drag Queen for Maspalomas Costa Canaria 2023. After the gala, dance music will fill the Yumbo Shopping Centre public square with a traditional ‘Mogollón’ “party” from 11:30.

Carnival Friday sees a traditional celebration of ‘Tourist Day’. The event on Friday the 17th, starts at 12:00 from the Maspalomas Oasis (Charca de Maspalomas). The ‘Rescue of the Sardine’ travels towards Playa del Inglés to the rhythm of batucada music inviting tourists and residents to join in the procession toward the Annexo II.
The Tourists Show from 21:00 at the Yumbo Shopping centre.
The night will close with the mogollón from 22:00.

The Carnival Parade will take place on Saturday 18, starting at 17:00 from the main entrance road to Playa del Inglés, through El Veril, the route will cross Avenida Italia and Avenida de Gran Canaria.
The night will close with the Grand mogollón from 22:00.

“Departure is from the entrance to Playa del Inglés through El Veril, towards Avda. de Italia until the intersection with Avda. de Gran Canaria, towards Avda. de Gran Canaria until the intersection with Avda. de Tirajana heading south, continue along Avda. de Gran Canaria, Plaza Hierro roundabout (crossing with Avda. 8 de Marzo, former Avda. Alféreces Provisionales), to Avenida Touroperador Tui, where the tour and circuit of the Cavalcade ends.”

When there is a Carnival parade it also means major road closures and parking restrictions in the area, including Calle Escorial, Avda. de Italia , Avda. de Gran Canaria, Avenida Touroperador Tui

The final touch to this year’s spring festivities will be on Sunday 19 March, with the ‘Cremation of the Sardine’ procession that will leave at 19:00 from the Avenida de España travelling down Alféreces Provisionales in the direction of the Playa del Inglés Anexo II. There the Testament of the carnival sardine will be read at 20:00, before the burning of the Sardine at 20:30, with a pyrotechnics show, lights and music to close the International Carnival of Maspalomas 2023.

There will also be some traffic and parking restrictions for the Sardine procession 



Traditional Carnivals in the neighbourhoods:
Tuesday, 21 February in San Fernando
Thursday, 23 February in El Tablero
Friday, 24 February in El Pajar