The neighbourhood of Carrizal in the municipality of Ingenio offers a very unique carnival experience. The Carnival is held on Playa Burrero between 15-29 March 2020

‘El Carnaval de Carrizal, Un Carnaval Tan Genial’.  Theme is “Aladdin”.

This is the other Carnival celebration in the municipality of Ingenio. 

19.3. Rescue of the Sardine and barbeque
20.3. Pregón, opening ceremony and Festival de Chirigotas
21.3. Carnival antiguo and verbena
22.3. Children’s carnival
25.3. 1st murgas competition
26.3. 2nd Murgas competition and awards
27.3. Drag Queen Gala and spectacles
28.3. Parade
28.3. Pet Carnival