La Aldea de San Nicolás is celebrating carnival from 17 February to 18 March 2023. 
The allegory for the festivities is ‘El Olimpo’, The Olympus.

The carnival events will begin on Friday, February 17, with the traditional parade of the educational centers, in which the students will be dressed as in the past, reminiscent of the traditional “mascaritas”.

On Saturday the 18th the Traditional Carnival of La Aldea arrives with the parade of males and goats without missing the masquerade dance, where the music groups Los Mayores, La Aldea, Un buchito de café and Teror, liven up the day that will begin at 19:00 on Calle Real and Plaza de La Alameda.

Carnival Tuesday 21.2. Once again, La Aldea de San Nicolás, with the help of the Community Development Cultural Project, will be the scene of one of the few Carnival celebrations on the Islands which date back to before the beginning of the last century.

At 18:30 on Calle Real, children dressed in the skins of goats, with horns and cowbells like cattle, will be accompanied by a shepherd.  A traditional and typical masquerade (dressed in old costumes, with their faces covered in a veil or chin cloth, cane in hand and a basket for collecting goodies) while creating thousands of pranks to get attention, asking for a pesetita or a small egg to make tortillas. Men will be dressed as women and women as men.

Friday 24 February, The Carnival Queen and Drag Queen Gala is held at the Centro de Majores on Calle Real starting at 18:00.

Saturday 4 March, Daytime Carnival in the city centre from 12:00 with festive and fun, for the whole family and live music. Dancing will not stop because from 17:00 several DJs and a musical tribute to Manny Manuel will keep the carnival rhythm in the Community Development Project square, with several surprises. 

On Friday 10 March, Carnival Gala at Community Development Project square at 20:00 

On Saturday, March 11, the traditional Carnival Parade, leaving from the Almacén de Los Picos at 18:00, with the usual route.  A tour that finally comes together with the participation of the entire public in the Mogollón prepared from 23:00 in the square of the Community Development project with performances by Armonía Show and DJ Estro.

The fun continues on Friday, 17 March, with the High Heels Race down Calle Real at 20:00 (cancelled), the Dance of the Wig at 20:00, and the night continues with Tío Matt and the Acuarela group, at 22:00 in plaza de La Alameda.

The La Aldea Carnival 2023 will end on Saturday, March 18 with the Burial of the Sea Bream, ‘Entierro del Besugo’ starting at 18:00 from the almacén de Los Picos and the second Mogollón “party” at 22:00 in the Plaza del Proyecto de Desarrollo Community at 22:00 enlivened by Star Musica and DJ Nichel B.