Teror is celebrating the Feast of Saint Joseph and the Holy Cross 29 April – 8 May 2022.







Friday 29 April,  Teror begins the Festival of San José and the Holy Cross at 10:00, with the traditional arbor of the Green Cross and the raising of the festoons to the Basilica

Saturday 7 May, The pyrotechnic show of the Quema del Barco y el Castillo take place after the performance by Los Gofiones in the Plaza de Sintes at 21:oo and after the spectacle, after party enlivened by Furia Joven. 

The ‘Burning of the Ship and the Castle’ is an artisanal pyrotechnic exhibition of fire, colour and noise unique to the Canary Islands, which has been maintained for several generations through the Dávila family, recalling the pirate attacks on the island and the Defence of the Cross.

The pyrotechnic show takes about three months of preparation and includes a display of some 15 moving figures to which fire and colour effects are applied, which vary each year. The protagonists are the Cross, the Ship and the Castle.

Sunday, 8 May, Mass in Basilica del Pino at 12:00, followed by the religious procession