Carrizal celebrates its festivities in honour of the Virgen del Buen Suceso, San Roque and Haragán from August 5 to 28

These are the patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady of Good Success ( devotion to Mary ) and San Roque in Carrizal, in the municipality of Ingenio. Summer festivities at Playa del Burrero 27-28 August with Fiestas de Haragán. Concerts, barbeques and aquatic activities.


On Friday 12 August: Soul concert at 21:30 at Parque del Buen Suceso de Carrizal, a spectacle from the local music band.

On Saturday 13 August: Water inflatables 11:00-14:00 in Parque del Buen Suceso.
Evening full of music with “El Baile de Antaño” with Maestro Florido at 21:00. Concert by Ultima Llave at 22:45 , concert by Los Aseres at 00:30 and night of 70s 80s and 90s with DJ Paco Sánchez from 02:00to 04:00.

On Sunday 14 August: Romería, the traditional Pilgrimage-Offering at 19:00, followed by baile de cuerdas.
The night of orchestras in Parque del Buen Suceso at 22:30

On Monday 15 August: Main feast Day, Diana Floreada at 06:00 in the morning from Plaza del Buen Suceso.
Artisan and farmers’ market between 10:00-15:00 in Parque del Buen Suceso,
Livestock fair and exhibition 10:00-13:00,
The IV Cart Race at 17:00 from roundabout “Momumento al Trabajo” calle L.H Pilcher, Calle República Argentine to Parque Camelot.
Solemn service and a religious procession at 19:00, followed by a popular lunch ( ropa vieja) at Plaza del Buen Suceso,
Traditional Canarian music and dancing at 20:00 at Parque del Buen Suceso.

There is also a funfair at the fairground of Carrizal (just next to Parque Buen Suceso) until 16 August. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 17:00-22:00 and on Sundays and festive day 11:00-14:00 and then 17:00-22:00