Patron festivities of La Virgen in the municipality of Santa Maria de Guía between 29 July – 28 August 2022 in the northwest of Gran Canaria.

The Patron Saint Fiestas in honour of the Virgin of Guía take place during the first fortnight in August, with the most important date on the calendar being the 15th. The morning sees the procession, while in the afternoon it is the turn of the Battle of the Flowers. The fiestas include a good number of cultural events. the highlight of which is the passacaglias ( street parades) featuring papagüevos”, oversized papier mache dolls.

The name of Santa Maria de Guía is in honour of the Virgin of Guía, the patron saint of the municipality, and the town was founded immediately following the conquest of the island.



Friday 29 July: the festivities of the Virgin will officially start with the reading of the Proclamation in the church at 21:00. Announcing parade of papagüevos in front of the church at 19:30.

Saturday 30 July: a street parade of the participating groups of the XXIX National folklore festival at 20:00 and raising of the flags at 20:30 in front of the church and traditional music performances at 21:00 on Plaza Grande.

Sunday 31 July: tastings of typical food at 12:30 on Plaza Grande with the participation of invitees of the Folkore Festival.
Día de la Familia, Family day from 17:00 at Plaza Grande with activities. Another papagüevos parade at 19:30 in front of the church and at 20:30 a family movie night on Plaza Grande.

Friday 5 August: Children’s activities on Plaza Grande from 17:30 and later at 21:00 the municipal band will perform, followed by a concert by ‘Los 600’ and ‘For Play’.

Saturday 6 August Tribute to Los Pachos at 20:00 on Plaza Grande and at 23:00 a night party with DJs.

Saturday 13 August: Festive Parade with Latin Rythm at 22:00, followed by an after party at 23:30 on Plaza Grande

Monday 15 August: The main day of festivities: a church service at 12:00, followed by a religious procession starting from the front of the church. Later in the evening, at 19:30 Batalla de Flores (battle of flowers). at 21:00 concert by Edurne and after party at 22:30

Tuesday 16 August: festivities of the co-patron San Roque. Church service at 09:300 (Ermita de San Roque) followed by the moving of the statue from Plaza de San Roque to the church.
at 11:30 eucharist in the Guía church and followed by a religious procession. at 17:00 traditional children’s activities at Plaza de San Roque. Papagüevos street parade at 19:00.