Las Nieves 2022 Festivities return with more than 40 acts, 5 festivals and the largest Rama in its history.

Agaete, in the north of Gran Canaria celebrate Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves between 24 uly-21 August 2022 

One of the major symbols of identity of the island of Gran Canaria is, without a doubt, la Fiesta de La Rama in Agaete, on the north of the island. This is the main fiesta for the town in honour of Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves (Our Lady of the Snows), which was declared a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest in 1972.

August 5th is the main fiesta in honour of the Virgin Mary, ( It is also a local bank holiday in the municipality) but it is the day before, August 4th, when the Fiesta de La Rama is held, when thousands of dancers dancing through the streets waving palm branches in the air, to the rhythm of the two municipal bands, to visit the sanctuary of la Virgen de Las Nieves.

La Fiesta de La Rama, according to those who have studied it, may have a similar meaning to a rain dance ceremony once practised by the native Canary Islands inhabitants who brought palm branches down from the sacred mount Tirma with which to strike the sea while they sang songs praying to their Gods for rain. In the modern-day Fiesta de la Rama of Agaete, the branches are not used for hitting the sea but are offered to the Virgin Mary.  The Catholic church has a knack for taking a party and really making it their own!

On August 5 the main festival for the Villa de Agaete is celebrated in honour of Our Lady of the Snows, whose image is in the hermitage located in Puerto de las Nieves. The image is there all year long, except for the days that go from August 5 to 17 when she remains in the Parish of Our Lady of Conception, in the town centre. On the 4th of August the Bajada de la Rama takes place, the most popular festive event of all the parties, where thousands of dancers, at the rhythm of one of the two bands of the municipality, depart from the centre of the town to the top of it to catch Pieces of Rama and dance back down with them to the sanctuary of the Virgen de las Nieves. The festive party is headed by big papagüevos, made of cardboard and representing popular people from the town, who turn with their big hands bestowing peace and joy, they also tap the heads of the crowd while making their way through.


Monday 25 July: raising the flag at 20:00 the flag to the rhythm of the Guayedra Musical Group on Plaza de Tomás Morales.

Wednesday 27 July: Noche de boleros at 20:30 on Plaza de la Constitucíon

Saturday 30 July: the first night of the festival at 23:30 with the Orquesta La Mekánico by Tamarindos, Plaza de la Constitución.

Sunday 31 July: Children’s spectacle at Huerto de las Flores at 12:30 and in the evening at 20:30 a tribute concert to the Los Panchos at Huerto de las Flores.

Tuesday 2 August: a night full of music aimed for the youth and that will feature Deja Vu, L’enfant, Liphe Rap Serio, Bydak, El Gitano, Juanma with Juan Carlos Álamo on guitar, Fabi Boss, Marcelo Mellino, Tutto Durán and Aseres. Plaza de la Constitución at 21:00

Wednesday 3 August: the second night of the verbena with Banda Larga and D’Music, to enter the big days of the party.

Thursday 4 August: the festival of La Rama 2022.
Diana at 05:00 in the morning, a procession that will be accompanied by the Agaete Band (town hall).
From 10:00, Bajada de La Rama will return to the streets with the Bandas de Guayedra and Agaete and La Charanga Archipiélago, with the forecast of being one of the most massive parties in memory and one of the largest in the Canary Islands. La Retreta, at 22:00 will close the day of the Festivities with the Guayedra and Agaete Bands, which will culminate with fireworks at 01:00 by the “Francisco Jiménez Dávila” Pyrotechnics.

Friday 5 August: church service at 10:30 followed by religious procession towards the parish

XXI Edition of the National Folklore Festival will feature 3 groups at 21:00 on Plaza de la Constitución.  Later, a street party at 23:30 with the Armonía Show orchestra.

Saturday 6 August: Solemne eucharist in the Parroquia nstra. señora de la Conception, followed by a religious procession with the image of Las Nieves through the street of Agaete.
humor by Kike Pérez, and music by Rosario 8 and Los 600 at 21:00 Plaza de la Constitutión.

Sunday 7 August: Children’s spectacle at 12:30 Huerto de las Flores and later ‘La fiesta del Mariachi’ will be celebrated with the Parranda La Palma singing to Mexico at 21:15.

Tuesday 9 August: Gran Canaria Big Band presents: Swing & Latin at 21:15 at Puerto de Las Nieves.

Saturday 13 August: Romería, the Pilgrimage at 19:00 and is followed by taifa dancing

Tuesday 16 August: “Retreta” with Guayedra and Banda Agaete groups in Puerto de Las Nieves at 22:00. at midnight Aquatic fireworks from the beach.

19-21 August Bio@gaete Festival