The festive celebrations of Cruce de Arinaga return to the streets. From Friday, 22 April and until Saturday, 7  May 2022 enjoy the festivities of San José Obrero Cruce de Arinaga in the municipality of Agüimes.

Friday, 22 April 
Verbena, party at 22:30 at Plaza Primero de Mayo with Star Music and Grupo Arena.
Saturday, 23 April IV Eco Rally Isla de Gran Canaria at 11:00 parque urbano. Pudo Parque Infantil, a playa area for children at 11:00 Plaza Primero de Mayo. 
Sunday, 24 April Lucha del Garrote, a folk sport stick fighting at 10:00 at Plaza Primero de Mayo. Children’s play area with workshops and traditional games. At 11:00 IX Romeria Ofrenda San José Obrero, the pilgrimage offering from the parking lot of Doramas school via streets Doamas, Bentejui, Beletén, Avenida de Ansite and surroundings of Plaza Primero de Mayo.
Sunday 1 May, Cattle Exhibition Fair at 09:00 on Calle Gofio