Fiestas del Pilar 2019 of Guanarteme, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in honor of the Virgin. From October 3 to 18. The feast of Our Lady of the Pillar is celebrated on 12 October and she is the Patroness of the Hispanic peoples and the Spanish Civil Guard.

Some of the highlights :

On Friday 11/10
at 20:00,
the great night of traditions and the offering to the Lady of Pilar. With the performances of Agrupación Tamadaba, Agora and Xerach, Parranda de Guanarteme and other guests. This year, due to the works in the neighborhood, there will be no pilgrimage through the streets. At 23:45  Night departure of the Papagüevos, the big paper mache dolls, who will invite the neighbors to go to Playa de las Canteras to enjoy the fireworks. Route: Plaza del Pilar, Simancas, Covadonga, Auditorium, Pavia, Castillejos, Cayetana Manrique Simancas and Plaza del Pilar.
At midnight a fireworks spectacle at the height of the statue of Alfredo Kraus. At 00:30 Grand 40th Anniversary Concert of Harmony Show on stage in Plaza del Pilar.

On Saturday 12/10
at 13.00 the departure of Our Lady of Pilar by the song of  Ave Maria By Mlou Kids. At 21:00 Grand Gala Election of the Drag Queen El Pilar 2019. Presented by Roberto Herrera. At 23:30 at the Plaza del Pilar: Performance of the Salvapantallas.

On Sunday 13/10
at 13:00
the Popular Gran Paella at Plaza del Pilar. During the Paella Great concert End of Parties. Performances: Midnight Soul band and Los Lola.