The beautiful Artenara, at 1500m+ the highest altitude village on Gran Canaria is celebrating their festivities ‘Feast of the Virgen de la Cuevita’ between 14-28 August 2022.

The Virgen de la Cuevita is the patron saint of folk groups and cyclists in Gran Canaria


Saturday 20 August :
XIII Outdoor Quick Painting Contest in the morning. See the full details of the contest HERE, open for anyone over 16 years old.
at 19:30 eucharist followed by a religious procession with the image of Virgen from Plaza de San Matías.
at 21:30 XXI Edition of the concert: ‘Una Noche en Artenara’ A Night in Artena, Plaza de San Matías.
at 23:30 Verbena, a street party with “Promaster” on la Alameda Alcalde Severiano Luján.

main weekend:

Friday 26 August:
21:00 Gran Batalla de Flores, the battle of flowers through the streets of the town, accompanied by the “Banda Isleña” and the Batucada “Samba Isleña”
at 23:30 Verbenda, a street party enlivened by the group “Mekánica Tamarindos” and the performance of “Abián Reyes DJ” on Plaza de San Matías

Saturday 27 August:
at 11:00 Foam Party and a concert with the group “Maldita EGB” in the municipal football field.
at 16:00 Traída de Rama (bringing the branch) from the football field with the “Banda Isleña”
at 17:00 Children’s activities with inflatables and workshops in Parque Timplista José Antonio Ramos.
at 23:00 Verbena, party enlivened by the orchestras “Armonía Show” and “Johnny Maquinaria Band” in the Plaza de San Matías.

Sunday 28 August: Main Feast Day 
at 12:00 Ringing of bells announcing the Fiesta in Honour to Our Lady the Virgin of La Cuevita. Next, Solemn religious function. The folk group will sing the mass “Ibarden”.
at 13:15 Magna procession with the image of the Virgin of La Cuevita, accompanied by authorities, parishioners and the “Aires de La Aldea Municipal Band”.
at 21:00 Ascent of the image of the Virgin of La Cuevita to its Sanctuary.
at 21:30 Drone Show. Seen from the Plazoleta Celestino Gil Cabrera.
at 23:00 Verbena End of Party. Enlivened by the musical group “Grupo Arena” on Plaza de San Matías