Santa Brígida is celebrating patron saint festivities between 29 July – 7 August 2022. 


Friday 29 July: patron saint celebrations will start with a service at 19:00 and at 20:00 Pregón, the proclamation of the festivities in the parish of Santa Brígida, and the election of the Romera or Romero mayor on Calle Real at 21:00

Saturday 30 July: inauguration of a sculpture in the municipal park at 12:00, a significant space that hosted the social life of the municipality at the end of the 1950s and beginning of the 1960s. “Moceando en el Parque”, the work of Alicia Ramírez from Sataute, is financed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The ceremony will feature a performance by the Matiné Orquestina Popular.
That same night, at 21:00 the Night of Traditions will start on Calle Real, an evening that it is recommended to attend in typical Canarian clothing. Parrandas, papahuevos and the dancer of Santa Brígida will liven up the night, which will last until three in the morning.

During the next week, from 17:00 to 19:00, children’s traditional games will be held in the Plaza de la Iglesia. There will also be the summer cinema at 22:00

Wednesday 3 August, traditional tasting of dishes, open to all those who come to the Plaza de la Iglesia at 20:00.

Friday 5 August: the Plaza de la Iglesia Santa Brígida will host the performance of the musical group Linaje, which will perform a varied repertoire of music from the islands and airs from other shores. At the end of the performance, music from the 70s, 80s and 90s will be the protagonist. The winemakers of the municipality will set up their stands.

Saturday 6 August: Romeria, the traditional pilgrimage offering starting at 17:00 in honour of Santa Brígida returns through the streets of the town center. This year it will be mandatory to participate in the tour dressed in Canarian clothing. Afterwards, the Rosemary Festival of Antaño will be held, enlivened by the soloist Yeray Socorro in the Municipal Park, while the car park adjacent to CEIP Juan del Río Ayala will host the rosemary festival and the traditional barbecues, with the Panamaribe and Banda Larga Orchestras.

Sunday 7 August: the culmination of the festivities with the mass in honour of Saint Brígida of Ireland that will begin at 11:00 and the HIFI scale for adults on Calle Real starting at 21:00.