Fiestas San Isidro de Labrador, Isidore the farmer and the patron saint of farmers 7-15 May 2022, of the patron saint of the neighbourhood of Carrizal in the municipality of Ingenio.
15th of May is the main Day of festivities, celebrating the 200-anniversary this year.

Saturday 7 May, Concert ‘Juan Valerón el la memoria’ at 20:00 at Plazadel Buen Suceso de Carrizal
Friday 13 May, Traditional card game ‘Zanga’ tournament at Plaza del Buen Suceso as well as a street parade from the old town to the church, Nuestra Señora de Buen Suceso at 20:30
Saturday 14 May, Entertainment for children with bouncy castles, workshops etc. 11:00-14:00 Parque del Buen Suceso de Carrizal and XXVI Children’s Folklore Festival at 19:30 at Parque Buen Suceso
Sunday 15 May, Agricultural and Artisan craft Market 10:00-15:00 on Calle Sor Josefa Morales. Cattle exhibition 10:00-13:00 in fairgrounds, Recinto ferial del barranco de Guayadeque – El Buen Suceso ( just a few minutes from the church). Solemn religious function at 11:00 followed by a procession.  Concert by Ivan Quintana at 20:00 in Parque Buen Suceso.