The 3rd edition of the Gran Canaria Beachvolleyball Festival 4-6 December on La Playa de las Alcaravaneras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria .

120 international teams, 60% of which are from outside the island, both from the peninsula and from other countries like Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway and Switzerland.

This amateur tournament is aimed at local, national and international beach volleyball lovers who want to combine leisure and sport in Gran Canaria, and will have a mixed category competition, male and female categories and, as a novelty, the mixed 4×4 category.

It will take place on the Alcaravaneras beach, the sports beach par excellence (at the height of the Specialized Center for Sports Technification of the Canary Islands belonging to the Canarian Volleyball Federation; CETD).






On Saturday, December 4  mixed category 2×2.
On Sunday, the men’s and women’s categories and
on Monday, the mixed 4×4 category as a novelty.