-The registration period to participate is open

The event Ingenio Color Festival 2019 is organized by Villa de Ingenio, through the Department of Social Services and Equality. Held this year on Sunday, October 13, on Avenida Carlos V de Carrizal. Fun event for all with either walking running and with lots of colour.

Fiesta de la Inclusión” is a fun day to enjoy, aimed at encouraging the participation of locals and visitors through an accessible and barrier-free sport event whose main objective is to provide a space for meeting and participation of people, indistinctly of its characteristics, conditions and / or personal, family and social situations.


Participants will get a set of corn starch powder that is 100% natural and colored, which in turn, will energize the course by throwing this powder at the along the street. As a symbol of human diversity, the dust that is disseminated along the layout of the main avenue will be identified with the seven colors of the rainbow. The material is totally natural.


The activity will take place in the layout of Avenida Carlos V, section between the Barranco de los Aromeros and the Barranco de Guayadeque at the height of GC-191. The point of departure and arrival, in turn, will be from the Barranco de Parque Los Aromeros, where all the participants will be concentrated, there being several career modalities:

This year there is only online registrations will be made; there will be no physical points. They can be formalized through the web platform: The generic price stipulated to participate is € 10 per person. Children between 0 and 15 years old will pay a fee of € 5. Volunteering can also be registered through the aforementioned platform.