La Aldea de San Nicolás, the westernmost municipality of Gran Canaria, is celebrating their Patron Saint festivities in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino 14 August – 17 September 2021.

Although the health circumstances derived from COVID-19 prevent large mass events from taking place, the program of different cultural and religious events becomes a halo of hope for the residents of the municipality and visitors, which will allow them, as far as possible, to share festive moments with family and friends.

Therefore, events and activities will be carried out that will be aimed at all audiences, complying with all the security measures established in the health protocols and that will be subject to suspension or change of location if required.

  • Thursday, September 10th is a local bank holiday in La Aldea , Festividad del Santo Patrono San Nicolás de Tolentino.
  • Friday, September 11th is a local bank holiday in La Aldea, Día del Charco.