The SwimRun Series Canarias started in 2017 and this year the Gran Canaria swimrun take place in Maspalomas on Saturday, 12 June. The test will have two distances leaving from San Agustin; sprint and super sprint and both will finish at Faro de Maspalomas whilst alternating open water swimming with running.

Distance sprint : Total distance 10,55 km from Barranco de San Agustin at 11:00 to Faro de Maspalomas. 2.570 m swim and 7.800 m run.
Distance super sprint : Total distance 6,32 km from Playa de la Burras at 12:00 to Faro de Maspalomas. 1.550 m swim and 4.770 m run.

What is SwimRun?

SwimRun is a sports discipline that combines swimming and running. It can be practiced individually or in pairs. Its practice involves swimming and running in different sections, with constant water-land, land-water transitions.

This modality bases its principles on respect for the environment and sustainability, as well as the discovery of unusual natural landscapes through sport.