The TEMUDAS Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in September 2021 with an explosion of theatre, music and dance in the capital of Gran Canaria. With 40 local, national and international companies, a hundred sessions in the pipeline and with intense activity, scheduling between six and nine performances a day, TEMUDAS will star in a true explosion of culture in the streets of  Las Palmas between 3-18 September.

Temudas, which has traditionally occupied iconic spaces such as Plaza de Santa Ana or Parque Santa Catalina, multiplies by five the usual number of shows on the TEMUDAS agenda. It also doubles the number of companies involved. One of the objectives is to be able to program on these new dates a proposal that brings the latest trends on the international and national scene closer to the public, as well as keeping them abreast of the work that local companies have continued to develop in recent times.

El Parque Santa Catalina, la sala Miller, la Plaza de Canarias, la Plaza de Santa Ana, la Plaza del tenor Stagno, el Parque Doramas and The Paper Club will be the stages that will host between six and ten daily functions during the two weeks of explosion culture that the city will experience.


  • Theater, Music and Dance.
  • From September 3 to 18.
  • 44 companies.
  • 8 stages.
  • Between six and ten performances per day.