Teror will participate next July 24-25 in the “Xacobeo 2021” project with the realisation of a “World Carpet” in Plaza del Pino, carried out by the collective of carpenters of the municipality and the collaboration of the Teror City Council.

The municipality of Teror will be the only one in Gran Canaria, and one of the few in the Canary Islands, which joined this initiative, which has been joined by more than two hundred alfombristas in sixty cities spread over the five continents in thirty countries.

As a reference point for pilgrimage and paths that converge to the sanctuary of Ntra Sra. Del Pino, the Villa de Teror has also wanted to join this initiative of the ‘Xacobeo 2021’ with an element deeply rooted in the municipality, such as the representative sand, salt and flower carpets in the Corpus Christi festivities and, especially, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


On July 24 and 25, the “Xacobeo 2021 World Carpet” will be displayed in Plaza del Pino de Teror, with a common design in all participating locations, using natural materials (flowers, heather, incense, etc.), where the name “Teror” will appear and the kilometers that separate it from Santiago de Compostela (2,214.5 km.).