24th Raid Arinaga

‘Raid de Arinaga’ is a multidisciplinary sports event that is held every summer in this coastal town. In order to participate, the procedure must be formalized on the municipal website www.aguimes.es/raid. Registration will close when the 300 available places are filled or, failing that, on August 15 at 12:00 noon.

The Arinaga Raid consists of carrying out a route marked by beacons in pairs with the only help of a map and a compass and the sole use of natural and non-motorized means of progression, as well as carrying out other fun activities such as kayaking, swimming with logs etc.

It will be held on Sunday, August 20 in two different modalities: the popular one, with a low orienteering level and a maximum duration of 4 hours, and the elite or adventure one, with a medium orienteering level and a maximum duration of 6 hours.


Aug 20 2023


All Day