542º Fiestas Mayores de Santiago – Gáldar

Gáldar are celebrating their main fiesta for the town, in honour of their patron saint, the Fiestas de Santiago de los Caballeros, honouring St James of the Knights during the month of July. Main events between 19 – 25 July

The program includes, among many other treats, many traditional and popular events such as a Romería pilgrimage, the battle of flowers, La Rama, the night of fireworks, a concert by the municipal band, the main procession, “fire horses”, a cattle fair, a horse race and the election of Guayarmina and Bentejuí (Canario Princess & Warrior Prince) all celebrated in a traditional manner. The festivities of this edition will be the first to be celebrated with the Temple of Santiago declared Diocesan Shrine and, as every year, they will focus on the cultural heritage that continues to improve and expand year after year.

The town, formerly known as Agáldar, was the original seat of several social and political institutions, and the main settlement of the territory’s nobles of the island, before its annexation by the Crowns of Castile & Aragon, at the end of the 15th century.

Because the leaders were recognised as Kings of the Canary Islands by the Catholic Monarchs, Agáldar was tacitly acknowledged as the Pre-Hispanic royal capital and as birthplace and court of the governing dynasty on the island, who capitulated to the Spanish following the conversion of their last true king, Tenesor Semidán, who then took the name Fernando Guanartemé, urging collaboration with the invaders, it is thought, in an attempt to avoid annihilation of his entire people.

The catholic colonisers asserted their military patron saint, Santiago, on the town, and built a church in his name.



Friday 5 July:
at 20:30 Gala Voces de Gáldar at Plaza de Santiagho

Sunday 7 July:
from 10:00 ‘Fiestas de la Cebolla’ Onion Festival in Piso Firme neighbourhood

Saturday 13 July:
10:00-20:00 II edition of the island Artisan Fair at Plaza de Santiago

Sunday 14 July:
09:00 Livestock Fair at the back parking space of the church
10:00-14:00 II edition of the island Artisan Fair at Plaza de Santiago

Wednesday 17 July:
at 21:00 Concert by ‘Salsa Sinfónica” at Plaza de Santiago

Thursday 18 July:
at 21:00 Concert by ‘Braulio’ at Plaza de Santiago

Friday 19 July:
Pregón, the proclamation of the festivities in the Teatro Consistorial
at 21:30 ‘Pieles’ presents their show “Ángaro”

Saturday 20 July
ay 17:30 Romería, pilgrimage offering.
Route: Bajada Las Guayarminas – Capitán Quesada to Plaza de Santiago. Taifa dancing at Plaza and the evening will end with DJ Promaster

Monday 22 July
at 21:00 “Danza y Zambras de los Gigantes y Caballitos de Fuego”. This is a colourful parade in which the neighbours “ride” colourful figures of horses made by hand as a costume accompanied by lanterns, hats, music bands and the dances of the papagüevos (big paper-mache dolls) to give life to a tradition which has been documented since 1848 and which today is one of the most participatory events of the festivities
at 23:00 Traditional “Volcano” fireworks spectacle from the Gáldar mountain
at 23:30 ‘Te regalo Vivir’ a tribute concert to Juan Luis Guerra and Marc Anthony at Plaza de Santiago

Tuesday 23 July:
at 21:00 Concert by the municipal band at Plaza de Santiago
at 22:00 The Parade, Cabalgata de las Fiestas Mayores de Santiago

Wednesday 24 July
at 12:00 ringing of the bells
at 17:00 Bajada de la Rama (lowering the branches) from Plaza de La Montaña and through the streets
at 21:00 Concert by K-Narias, Cali and Dandee in the La Quinta cultural centre
at 22:00 Drone spectacle at La Quinta
at 22:00 Concert by Lucrecia at Plaza de Santiago
at 00:00 audiovisual spectacle and the great fireworks show
at 00:30 Verbena, festive party with Armonía Show and Grupo Arenas.

Thursday 25 July: Feast Day
at 05:00 Diana floreada lively and rhythmic procession
at 11:40 civic procession from Casas Consistoriales to Templo de Santiago de Los Caballeros
at 12:00 Eucharist in the church
at 13:00 religious procession through the streets.
at 19:00 Gran Batalla de Flores The great battle of flowers,
at 23:00 Verbena, a festive party with Panamaribe orchestra at Plaza de Santiago

Friday 26 July: Feast Day of Santa Ana, Co-patron of Gáldar
11:00-19:00 Children’s play area at Plaza de Santiago
at 12:00 Children’s show
at 19:00 Eucharist, followed by a procession in honour of Santa Ana

Saturday 27 July: Festividad de San Cristóbal
10:00-00:00 XI ACTÚA festival. Music, culture and leisure festival at plaza de Santiago
at 19:00 Eucharist, followed by a traditional blessing of the cars.




Jul 01 - 28 2024


All Day


Gáldar, 35460 Gáldar, Las Palmas, Spain

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