Agüimes – Patron festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary 2023

The festivities will take place from September 15 to October 9 and will include the Traída del Gofio, the Pilgrimage in honour of the Virgen del Rosario, the traditional Livestock Fair and the Gastronomic Days of the Canary Black Pig, among other activities.


Agüimes will once again honour its agricultural past with the celebration of the Subida del Millo, the first of the great events included in the program of the festivities in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, co-patron and perpetual mayor of the municipality. The festivities, which will take place between September 15 and October 9, will also include the Traída del Gofio y el Agua, the traditional Pilgrimage, the Days of the Canary Black Pig or the Livestock Fair, as well as taifa dances and folk music, among other events that pay tribute to historical memory and popular tradition.

The Subida del Millo will start on Saturday 16 September, starting at 17:00, in the Plaza del Rosario, where young and old will meet to remember the old work of the fields. They will strip and shell the corn to later take the grain to the mills of Lolita and Ananías, on the way to Guayadeque, remembering the task that families of yesteryear carried out when they wanted to transform the millet they harvested into gofio. After complying with the custom, upon returning to the square you will be able to enjoy, starting at 20:00, the taifa dance to which you are invited to attend in traditional Canarian clothing.

The millet will return to the town the following week, but already transformed into gofio, the food par excellence of the Canaries. The 46th edition of the Traída del Gofio y del Agua will once again bring together hundreds of people to make the journey from the Lolita and Ananías mills to the historic centre, where one of the busiest events of these festivities will return, declared National Tourist Interest. The appointment will be on Saturday, September 23, at 19:00.

Other notable events will be the Pilgrimage of Offering to the Virgin of the Rosary (Saturday, September 30 at 18:00), the Livestock Fair (Sunday, October 1, at 10:00) or the Black Canary Pig Days. From September 15 to October 8, eight establishments in the town will offer their customers succulent gastronomic recipes based on the meat of this native breed. The festivities will also include exhibitions, festivals, dances, vernacular sports, folklore performances, children’s activities, literary presentations and concerts by artists such as Los Cantadores or Taburiente, among others.



Sep 15 2023 - Oct 09 2023


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