Beñesmer – Gáldar

On Saturday, 12 August 2023 Gáldar recreates the Beñesmer, an ancestral festivity taken back from the calendar of the ancient Canarian settlers, to place itself in the present, through a festival that seeks to preserve and honor culture, traditions and legacy, taking place in Plaza Mr. Leacock, in the El Agujero neighbourhood.

After several years of absence, the event has been resumed this 2023 by the Attidamana Heritage Association and the Gáldar City Council, through the Department of Identity, in charge of Carlos Ruiz Moreno.

With a renewed format, the Festival contains activities that show the way of life of the Canarian population, archaeology, crafts, as well as exhibitions and talks about the ways of life and problems of the current era.

The day begins at 10:00 with the opening of a Canarian artisan craft fair and a talk that will delve into the Beñesmer, its meaning and history. The agenda continues with a guided visit to the La Guancha archaeological park, the plantation of Canarian flora, traditional games, musical performances and storytelling. The objective is to keep our ancestral traditions alive and the Beñesmer has to do with harvesting the crops.

Topics such as xerophytic gardening, macro-structures against micro-territories, the paradox of renewables, touristification, the right to housing, agroecology and social transformation, are part of the tagoror, a space with ten-minute talks.


Aug 12 2023


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