Agüimes Carnival 2024

Agüimes is celebrating the 2024 carnival, with the allegory ‘Arabian Nights’, ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ between 2-26 February.

Inspired by the Middle East, the cradle of the first civilizations, the painting that stars on the Agüimes 2024 Carnival poster alludes to the ancient tradition of costume, already present in ancient Mesopotamia.


The inaugural parade of the Agüimes carnivals will be on Saturday, February 3. On February 6 and 7, the preliminary phases of the Murgas Contest will be held, which this year will celebrate its 40th edition, while the final will be held on Friday, February 9. The festivities will feature three daytime carnivals for three Saturdays in a row: February 10 in Arinaga, February 17 in Agüimes Casco, and February 24 in Cruce de Arinaga.

The program will also feature the traditional Old Carnival Tuesday, on February 13, and the Burial of the Sardine, on Wednesday, February 14. As a novelty compared to previous editions, an exhibition will be organized on the 40th anniversary of the Murgas Contest and the World Carnival Meeting will be held on February 15 and 16, with the participation of the Uruguayan murga Los Diablos Verdes and the Cádiz-born Chirigota of the Sheriff, crier of the Carnival of Cádiz 2024. Finally, an old identity tradition of the Carnival of Agüimes will be recovered: the distribution of hot bread with oil and garlic during the early morning, at the end of the dance in the Plaza del Rosario, so that Carnival goers recharge their batteries before going to sleep. This ancient custom is collected in the book ‘The Carnival of Agüimes: Notes for the History of the Notable Carnivals of Gran Canaria’, by Ramón Guimerá Peña:

“This delicacy (the Agüimes bread) was traditionally distributed hot, spread in oil and garlic, to the carnival-goers who were still standing when the “dawn dance” came to an end, that is, the dance that ended at dawn. the day. This custom was so widespread that, despite being offered free of charge in the societies, the town’s bakeries opened their doors in the early morning following a big dance to offer the carnival goers such traditional food.”

Three consecutive Saturdays, The Day Carnival to enjoy

10 February in Arinaga:
starting at 11:00 Activities for the whole family, such as the pet costume contest, and musical performances by groups such as Aseres, Escuela de Calor or Salvapantallas will ensure fun throughout Avenida Polizón.

17 February,  it will be the turn of the historic centre of Agüimes:
From 11:00 in the morning until late at night, in five different settings, with Plaza del Rosario as the epicentre, a huge range of activities will take place. The concerts of La Buena Vibra, Señor Natilla, Los 600 and King África stand out. As a culmination, a surprise performance by an international artist will be announced a few days before and will surely awaken the interest of the young audience fond of Latin music.

24 February: The third Day Carnival will be held at the Cruce de Arinaga, with Plaza Primero de Mayo as the stage and with a featured performance by the popular cover group Los Lola.


Saturday 2 February:
at 12:00 The announcing parade which will culminate in the Quema de la Esquila, organized by the murga Ni Quito Ni Pongo, in the portico of the Church of San Sebastián.
at 18:00 The Plaza del Centro de Mayores will host El Calentón, a tasting of churros with chocolate, organized by the murga Los Flokis and the Mokis, to warm up before the start of the big party.
at 20:30 The Inaugural Parade of the ‘Arabian Nights’ Carnival of Agüimes will debut in the streets, departing from the parking lots of the Municipal Swimming Pool. Along the way, the dances of the troupes and the rhythm of the batucadas will invite neighbours to join in a hubbub of colour and fun.
at 22:30 The festive activity will move to Plaza del Rosario, where a festival will be held with music by Star Music, DJ Promaster, and Grupo Arena.

After the musical performances, at 03:30, an old custom of the Agüimes Carnival will be recovered: the free distribution of hot bread with oil and garlic. It is said that this delicacy was distributed at the end of the dawn dances, at dawn, in the three societies that the town had and also in the town’s bakeries, which opened their doors in the early morning following a great dance to offer this food to the carnival-goers. This year it will be the kiosks in Plaza del Rosario that will be in charge of distribution to those who can hold out until the music ends.

Sunday 4 February:
at 11:00 The Children’s Queen from the old Sociedad del Centro, current headquarters of the Los Lagartos murga.
at 12:30, Plaza del Rosario will host a children’s dance that will feature the presence of the characters from the show Musipops.

Saturday 10 February Day Carnival in Arinaga

13 February, Martes de Carnaval
at 21:00 Carnival Tuesday, “The old Carnival” one of the most anticipated events in the program for the local public. Neighbours will dress up again with rags, masks and rudimentary masks, as their grandparents did last century, while they will taste the traditional carnival tortillas, anise buchitos and a cup of rice pudding to sweeten the night

Wednesday 14 February: Entierro de la Sardina
at 21:00 The Burial of the Sardine, with its funeral procession in rigorous mourning through the streets of the town, until the sardine is burned in front of the portico of the Church of San Sebastián.

17 February Day Carnival in the historic centre of Agüimes

24 February Day Carnival in Cruce de Arinaga



Feb 02 - 25 2024


All Day


Agüimes, Las Palmas, Spain

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