Carnival Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2024

Carnival Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2024 is celebrated between 25 January – 18 February.

The “Carnivals of the World” will arrive a day earlier, on January 25, guaranteeing live coverage by Canarian Television, a public entity that will take the package of events to the homes of the Archipelago.
✔ Among the most striking developments of the new stage of the Carnival is moving the drag selection gala to an earlier date, therefore becoming one of the highlights of the first weekend. Yes, a Sunday, the day that was agreed upon with the Drag Association to adapt to the applicants’ agendas and achieve more rehearsal time for a perfect gala.

The 2024 Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is going to be special because it’s returning to its working-class roots. The district of La Isleta, built next to Las Palmas Port at one end of Las Canteras Beach, kept the spirit of the festival alive when events such as these were prohibited during the years when Franco was the dictator of Spain. The Carnival disguised itself at that time as a winter festival, as celebrations in social clubs and as clandestine gatherings. Just a few months after Franco died, its residents advocated for the official return of the festivities; it was 1976 and there was already a parade and even a Carnival Queen Gala. The Carnival was reborn with unstoppable energy.

As the city is currently undergoing an urban transformation process, which will also revitalise the area surrounding Santa Catalina Park—the heart of the modern Carnival in the Gran Canarian capital—there is no space to hold the festival. That’s why the Carnival programme is going back to the district of La Isleta in 2024, one year after being declared a Fiesta of International Tourism Interest. This is where the main galas, competitions and festival evenings will take place from 25 January to 18 February. The festivities are going back to the streets where it all began with the same verve and vitality as always. PLAZA DE BELÉN MARÍA (MAIN STAGE)

At the other end of the city in Vegueta, the original settlement of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Carnival has already been launched with the presentation of up to 52 candidates for the crowns of Queen, Drag Queen, Grand Dame and the Children’s Throne. Their costumes are based on a special theme, which changes every year. In 2024, it’s Carnivals of the World to pay homage to celebrations in other parts of the globe. A draw was held to decide the order of participation of the 10 candidates for the Children’s Gala, six for Grand Dame, 13 for Queen and 23 for the Drag Queen Preselection, which will decide the drag queens that will classify for the final grand gala.

The Drag Queen Preselection will close on Sunday, 28 January during the first weekend of the Carnival. As always, no cameras will be present, and neither will it be televised. Only the audience attending this event will be able to enjoy a first glimpse of the drag queens in the Carnivals of the World. It’s the most international side of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

But first the festival will be announced in La Isleta by some traditional components of its liveliest evenings: the Latin and folk music bands, who will give the opening speech on Thursday, 25 January after the parade.

The Carnival nights will get going on Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 January, after the first two competitions in the programme. Friday will be the costume competition, which always attracts a large group of carnival and fancy-dress enthusiasts. The group category is especially worth seeing as the competitors tap into the spirit of carnival camaraderie to appear on stage in elaborate costumes.

Saturday, 27 January will also see the start of the family Carnival programme, which is always a highlight, with a Gala taking place to decide who will sit on the Children’s Throne. It’s another of the main events in a very special Carnival year, one of the most remarkable in recent times.


Thursday 25 January: 
at 20:00 The announcing parade from Parque Santa Catalina to Belén María
at 21:30 Pregón, the proclamation will kick off the festivities

Friday 26 January: 
at 20:30 Adult Costume Festival
until 03:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Saturday 27 January:
at 19:30 Trono infantil. The gala that chooses the monarch of the children’s throne
until 03:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Sunday 28 January: 
at 11:00 Children’s Murgas and Comparsas
at 20:30 Pre-Drag ***Ticket event

29-31 January:
Murgas nights at 20:45

Friday 2 February:
at 21:30 Comparsas contest
until 03:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Saturday 3 February:
at 21:00 Murgas Final

Sunday 4 February:
at 12:00 Canine carnival
at 21:00 Grand Dame Gala

Tuesday 6 February:
at 21:30 International body makeup contest
until 04:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Friday 9 February:at 21:30 Queen’s Gala ***Ticket event
until 04:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Saturday 10 February :
at 12:00 Carnival parade with the contestants
16:00-21:00 Daytime Carnival
21:00-04:00 Noche de carnaval/Carnival night party

Sunday 11 February:
at 11:00 choreography carnival
at 17:00 meeting of the comparasas and batucadas ( lively gettogether with the music groups)

Monday 12 February :
at 19:00 Carnival Monday
at 20:00 presentation of the Carnival 2025 allegories
21:00-05:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Tuesday 13 February:
at 12:00 Children’s parade from Parque Santa Catalina to Manuel Berecca
from 14:00-22:00 Family Carnival celebrations

Wednesday 14 February :
at 19:00 Intergration Gala

Friday 16 February:
at 21:300 Drag Gala *** Ticket event
until 04:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Saturday 17 February
at 17:00 Carnival Parade
until 05:00 Noche de Carnaval/Carnival night party

Sunday 18 February:
at 12:00 Daytime carnival
at 19:30 Burial of the Sardine
at 21:00 presentation of the Carnival 2025 allegories


Jan 25 2024 - Feb 18 2024


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