Carrizal Carnival 2024

Carnival in Carrizal, in Ingenio, is celebrated between 9-23 March 2024 and considered a Local Festival of Tourist Interest.

The allegory this year is ”La Fiesta de los Dioses”, ”The Feast of the Gods”


Saturday 9 March:
12:00-22:00 Day and Traditional Carnival at Plaza del Buen Suceso and surrounding area

Thursday 14 March:
The Rescue of the Sardine from 19:30 to 23:00 at Playa del Burrero: Tour of the streets, Luis Doreste Silva, Tomas Arroyo Cardoso, Mayor José Rámirez, Access road to the Jurada, Avda. de Canarias, Avda. Carlos V, C/ Sor Josefa Morales, Plaza del Buen Suceso, C/Rafael Martel, C/Cándida Ruano, Rotonda las Manos, C/Argentine Rep. C/Germany, C/Avda. Carlos V, Rotonda los Tomateros, C/Mijail Gorbachóv, Rotonda del Pescador, C/Avda de Canarias, returning to the Plaza de la Jurada.- Ending with popular grilled sardines accompanied by ambient music.

Friday 15 March:
at 20:30 Pregón, proclamation in the Sociedad de Carrizal

Sunday 17 March:
Children’s Carnival from 16:00-19:00. 
Performances by the children’s Murgas “Los Legañositos”, clown Pepon, Magician Anibal, the Leticia Dance Academy. Latin Ballet Musical
Eva Rodriguez, Acrobatics, Talent School of Saray Castro. The afternoon will end with a snack, with donated soft drinks and cake

18-19 March: Murgas Contests from 20:30 to 00:00 in Plaza La Jurada.

Thursday 21 March:
from 19:30-20:30 lively, rhythmic street parade with Batucada San Jose in the commercial area of Carlos V
at 21:00 Drag Queen Gala 

Saturday 23 March: Carnival Parade
The floats will concentrate on Plaza de la Jurada at 18:00
Exit via C/Avda. de Canarias, C/Barcelona, C/Huerta del Obispo, C/Argentine Rep., Ejido Carrizal, C/Carlos V, C/Avda.
de Canarias, Rotonda del Pescador, Link road with the Burrero, C/Mayor José Ramirez, Josefina de la Torre

around 23:00 The Burning of the Sardine and fireworks at Playa del Burrero (the beach).
The start time will depend on the authorisation from the Airport-Gran Canaria Control Tower.


Mar 09 - 23 2024


All Day

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