Christmas Program 2023-24 🎄🌟 Mogán

Christmas is celebrated in the municipality of Mogán with more than 50 activities from December 11 to January 5


Monday 11 December: 
at 09:30 Inauguration of the Christmas House in Arguineguín (carpa plaza pérez galdós)
(book your visit from
at 19:30 Christmas Lights-on event in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at Plaza El Laurel in Motor Grande, followed by a gospel choir concert.

Tuesday 12 December: at 19:00 Christmas concert by the municipal music band at Plaza Dr. Pedro Betanco León in Playa de Mogán.

Thursday 13 December: at 18:00 Christmas concert by the municipal music band in the Norwegian church in Arguineguín.

Friday 22 December: at 17:00 Christmas workshops and bouncy castles at Plaza Pérez Galdós in Arguineguín.

Saturday 23 December: at 20:00 Mass in the Arguineguín church, followed by Christmas Carols singers touring the streets. Route: Calle Tanausú, Roque Nublo, Francisco Navarro, Tomás Iriarte, Graciliano Afonso, Miguel Marrero and ending at Plaza de las Marañuelas.

Sunday 24 December: at 19:30 Mass in the church in Mogán Pueblo. at 20:00 Mass in the church in Arguineguín.

25 December: at 19:30 The 36th anniversary of The Living Nativity Scene of Veneguera. The activity recreates a great example of Canarian, folkloric, artisanal and gastronomic traditions. It will begin with the Christmas Mass in the neighbourhood church at 17:30 and the living “Bélen” will continue until late into the night in the area known as ‘La Cardonera’.

Tuesday 26 December: at 17:00 Christmas workshops and bouncy castles at Plaza de las Gañanias, Playa de Mogán and at 19:30 Family Show on the same plaza.

Wednesday 27 December: at 17:00 Christmas workshops and bouncy castles at Plaza El Laurel in Motor Grande, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. at 19:00 Family Show.

Friday 29 December: 16:00-21:00 Family Christmas with games, activities, bouncy castles and more at Plaza Pérez Galdós in Arguineguín.

Saturday 30 December: Christmas Market from 18:00 in Plaza Sarmiento y Coto in Mogán Pueblo. at 21:00 Concert by Última Llave (same place).

Sunday 31 December: NEW YEAR 2024
parties from midnight:
-Pueblo de Mogán, with Yoni y Aya and DJ Promaster
-Arguineguín in Plaza Pérez Galdós with Leyenda Joven and DJ Álvaro Rodríguez
– Playa de Mogán in Plaza Dr- Pedro Betancor León Paco Guedes Adrián Pro and KI.

Wednesday 3 January: at 17:00 Lively little Christmas parade. Route: municipal gym – Avda de Los Marrero -> Playa de Mogán. at 18:30 Show by Los Musipops, followed by Royal Pages of their majesties collecting letters from the kids at Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor León.

Friday 5 January: the Royal Pages will tour those furthest points of the municipality in the morning by cars and pick up the last of the letters in the neigbourhood plazas.
The visit will depart from Barranquillo Andrés at 09:30 and will continue to Plaza de Las Filipinas, Plaza de El Horno and Plaza de Motor Grande. It will continue until the entrance of the Playa del Cura urbanization and will end around 13:30 in the Plaza de Veneguera.

at 18:00 The traditional Kings parade in Arguineguín with Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, leaving from the Pier towards Plaza Pérez Galdós, where they will be given the key to the municipality and the little ones will be able to hand in their letters. A large procession of animated puppets and other fantasy characters participates in this parade.

That same day, at 20:30, the representation of the ‘Auto de Reyes Magos’ will take place in the Church of San Antonio de Padua. This dramatic piece, of great historical and cultural value, reflects the experiences of the Three Wise Men during their trip to worship Jesus after his birth. With it the Christmas events in Mogán will end.


Dec 11 2023 - Jan 05 2024


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