Festival Agáldar 2023

Taking its name from the prehispanic native name for their ancient Royal Capital, the Agáldar Culture and Tradition Festival returns on Saturday, 28 October 2023, with the best music made from Gáldar and the Canary Islands offering some of the best soloists in our archipelago.

Saturday, October 28 at 20:30 in Recinto Cultural La Quinta 

On this occasion, tribute is paid to the gofio mills. A traditional trade that has been reduced over time, but which is the essence of our identity. The food par excellence of the canaries, which has served as survival during the worst moments in our history.

Recinto Cultural La Quinta at 20:30 with free entry.



Oct 28 2023


All Day


Gáldar, 35460 Gáldar, Las Palmas, Spain

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