Fiesta del Pino 2023 – Teror

Teror is celebrating ‘Fiestas del Pino’, in Honour of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine), patron of the island of Gran Canaria between 25 August – 30 September 2023. The main day of festivities means road closures and parking restrictions in Teror. 


“Probably the biggest and most important of the religious festivals on Gran Canaria, these events essentially mark the end of summertime and celebrate the harvests as well as heralding a change in the winds bringing a more autumnal feel, in particular, to the many northern mountain towns which represent the post-colonial history of the island and its agricultural traditions.”


The festive program will take place from August 25, with the reading of the proclamation by the actress Lili Quintana, and will culminate at the end of September with the raising of the image of the Virgen del Pino to her dressing room, on September 24, and the Rally, on September 30.

As the festival coincides with a long bridge this year, Teror expects a greater influx of pilgrims to Teror, causing some 200,000 people to gather in Villa Mariana.


The pilgrimage, which will begin once the image of the Virgen del Pino appears at the doors of the basilica on September 7, at 16:00 will be presented by boys and girls from all the municipalities and all the islands. It will be led by the cart from the host municipality, Teror, followed by that of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, co-organizer of the Fiestas in honor of the Patron Saint of the Canarian Diocese, followed by those of La Aldea de San Nicolás and Mogán. Next, the carts from the municipalities of Firgas, San Mateo, Artenara, Santa María de Guía, Gáldar, Valleseco, Agaete, Aguimes, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tejeda, Valsequillo, Telde, Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Arucas, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Moya, Santa Brígida and Ingenio.



Friday, 25 August 2023
at 11:00 Exhibition “Teror, Villa of Pilgrims” in Centro de Interpretación Turística de Teror. Inauguration at 11:00.
Paintings” by Felipe Juan and poems by Josefina Cabrera Peña.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 09:30-16:30. Until September 23, 2023.

at 21:00 Pregón, proclamation by the actress Lili Quintana at Plaza del Pino
Concert by the Teror Music Band

After the concert, the inauguration of the Chiringuitos del Pino area, with the band Salvapantallas at Plaza del Auditorio

Saturday, 26 August 2023 –
International Street Art Festival ‘En Pie’
Theatre, music and humor for the whole family.

•at 11:00 Pet Friendly Space. Spectacle ‘Valientes peludos’, by Entropías imposibles (Canarias). Plaza Teresa de Bolívar. 11:00-14:00 and 17:30-20:30.
•at 12:00 Sidral Brass Band (Cataluña) presenta el espectáculo itinerante de música y circo ‘Red Wine Cabaret . Desde el Boulevard Paseo González Díaz a la Plaza del Pino.
•at 13:30 A la Múa (Canarias) en Concierto. Alameda Pío XII
•at 18:00 Totó el Payaso (Canarias), presenta “La Circoneta” (circo).  Boulevard Paseo González Díaz.
•at 19:00  Xampatito (Galicia) presents “So” (circus and alternative arts) Calle La Cal
•at 20:00 Proyecto Kavauri (Andalucía) presents “Lullaby” (acrobacias). Patio de las Oficinas Municipales.
•at 21:00 101 Brass Band (Canarias) presenta “Fogalera” (música). Plaza de Sintes.
•at 22:30 Kevin Carballo (Canarias) presenta el  Tributo a Camilo. Plaza del Auditorio.
•at 24:00 Los 600 (Canarias) concert. Plaza de Sintes.


Sunday, 27 August 2023 – International Street Art Festival ‘En Pie’
Theatre, music, and humor for the whole family.

•at 11:00 Espacio Pet Friendly. ‘Valientes peludos’, spectacle por Entropías imposibles (Canarias). Plaza Teresa de Bolívar. 11:00 ´14:00 h. y 17:30 – 20:30 h.
•at 11:00 Sidral Brass Band (Cataluña) presenta el espectáculo itinerante de música y circo ‘Red Wine Cabaret . Desde el Boulevard Paseo González Díaz a la Plaza del Pino.
•at 12:30 Murmuyo (Chile) presenta el espectáculo  itinerante»AMI-Go». Desde el Boulevard Paseo González Díaz a la Plaza del Pino.
•at 13:30 Arístides Moreno & 101 Brass Band presentan el concierto «aBRASSong, canciones que aBRASSan»Plaza del Auditorio.
•at 17:30 Totó el Payaso (Canarias), presenta “La Circoneta” (circus).  Boulevard Paseo González Díaz.
•at 18:30 Murmuyo (Chile) presenta el espectáculo  itinerante»AMI-Go». Desde la Plaza del Pino al Boulevard Paseo González Díaz
•at 19:30 Cirquezen (Canarias) presenta “Animals”  (acrobacia, dance). Patio de las Oficinas Municipales.
•at 20:30 Nacho Vilar Producciones – Yllana (Murcia-Madrid) presentan el espectáculo itinerante «GLUBS» (comedia gestual). Calle Real hasta la Plaza del Pino
•at 21:40 Aarón Gómez (Canarias) y Álex O’Dogherty (Andalucía) presentan el espectáculo de humor y música «Mano a mano” . Plaza de Sintes.


Wednesday, 30 August 2023
at 21:00 Olga Cerpa y Mestisay presents her musical show « Vereda Tropical » at Plaza de Sintes.


Thursday, 31 August
at 20:30 Delivery of Honours and Distinctions of the Teror City Council at Plaza del Auditorio.

Concierto ‘Ad Libitum’ de la artista canaria Ana Gil at Plaza del Auditorio.


Friday, 1 September
at 12:00 Raising the flag and the ringing the bells, papagüevos and Banda Las Palmas at  Plaza del Pino.

at 21:00 Youth Concert with Sofía Ellar and DJ Ray Castellano at Plaza de Sintes.


Saturday, 2 September
11:00-14:00 Children’s Party with activities, workshops and music on Plaza de Sintes.

at 20:30 announcing street parade of the Teresa de Bolívar meeting by Islanders Dixie.
From Boulevard del Paseo González Díaz to Plaza de Sintes.

at 21:00 the 34th Encuentro Teresa de Bolívar, with Candelaria González (Canarias), and Christian Nieves (Cuatro, Puerto Rico), accompanied by Modesto Nieves (Puerto Rico), timplist Domingo Rodríguez “El Colorao” (Canarias), and guitarist Yamandú Costa (Brasil). Plaza de Sintes.

• at 23:00 Verbena, street party with La Mekánica by Tamarindos and DJ Desirée Santana de EventMusic DJ´s at Plaza de Sintes.


Sunday 3 September
10:00-15:00 Livestock Fair,with traditional exhibitions of plowing, threshing, shearing, ornithological exhibition, musical performance and awards ceremony in Finca de Osorio.

at 21:00 Extraordinary Concert by Banda de Música de Teror with their spectacle “Quererte a ti. Homenaje a Camilo Sesto” with national singers Paco Arrojo and Roko. Plaza de Sintes. 


Monday, 4 September
at 21:00 Tenderete, recorded for TVE – Canarias presented by David Naranjo. Plaza del Pino.


Tuesday 5 September
at 18:30  Santo Rosario and celebration of Eucharist

at 19:00  Moving (“lowering”) the image Ntra. Sra. del Pino from her resting room (dressing room) Basílica del Pino and Plaza del Pino, on the big screans 

at 21:00 Concert by Marta SánchezPlaza de Sintes. 


Wednesday, 6 September 
at 21:00 31st Folkloric Meeting of Gran Canaria at Plaza de Sintes. With soloists from each of the eight islands accompanied by a parranda, directed by Josito Suárez. In this edition, the festival is dedicated to Abelardo García “El Tormento”, a singer from Gran Canaria.


Thursday, 7 September
at 15:30
Romería-Ofrenda, pilgrimage offering with 21 carts. From el Castañero Gordo to Plaza Ntra. Sra. del Pino.
at 20:30 Verbena, street party with DJ Promaster, Grupo Las Ladys group and D’Music. Plaza de Sintes.
at 00:00 Fireworks spectacle display by Pirotecnia El Pilar, de Benjamín Dávila Sosa. Terrenos Yánez Matos. 


Friday, 8 September
at 07:00  Eucaristía. Basílica del Pino and also at 08:00/09:00/10:00 
at 11:00  Official Reception of Authorities and of the Representative of the King, the president of the Canarian Government, D. Fernando Clavijo Batlle. Calle Real de la Plaza
at 12:00 Solemne Eucaristía in Basílica del Pino.
at 13:00 Procession with the image of Lady of the Pine, accompanied by Banda de Música de Teror. 
at 21:00 Concert by Víctor Manuel at Plaza de Sintes. 


Between 8-16 September
at 12:00 Eucharist,  at 18:30 Novenario Solemne. Santo Rosario y preces de la Novena. at 19:00 Eucharist in Basílica del Pino.


Saturday, 9 September
10:00-19:00 Artisan craft Fair with around 20 local artists on Plaza del Pino  
at 21:00 Youth Concert with Mau y Ricky, Wos Las Palmas, Alen GC, DJ Day B, DJ Tony Bob and DJ Promaster at Plaza de Sintes.


Sunday, 10 September – Día de las Marías. Fiesta Patronal de la Villa Mariana de Teror.
Eucharist in the church at 08:00/09:30/11:00/12.00 
09:00-15:00 Artisan Craft Fair on Calle Real de la Plaza. 
at 9:30 Mass broadcast live by TVE-2 from the Basilica del Pino for all of Spain.
at 13:00 Solemn eucharist  Basílica del Pino.
at 14:00 Day time street party with orchestra Star Music and DJ Abián Reyes on Plaza de Sintes.
at 18:30Santo Rosario y preces de la Novena. Basílica del Pino.
at 19:00 Eucaristía del Día de las Marías. Basílica del Pino.
at 20:00 Maria Procession, accompanied by Banda de Música de Teror.
at 20:30 Fireworks display of Día de Las Marías.

Friday 15 September 
at 20:00  ‘Saboreando Teror en El Pino’. Act of promotion of the primary sector, with show cooking, tastings and musical performance on Plaza Teresa de Bolívar.


Saturday 16 September
at 10:00 IX Marcha cicloturista solidaria El Pino 2023
Solidarity cycling events from Las Palmas de GC and arriving to Teror around midday.
Verbena Canaria for the whole day
With popular paella in collaboration with the NGO Guardias Civiles Solidarios.
at 12:00 rhythmic street parade with Banda Las Palmas from the Boulevard del Paseo González Díaz.
at 13:00 street party with Paco Guedes and Grupo la Coctelera. Plaza de Sintes.
17:00-19:00 Workshops with activities and traditional games Plaza del Auditorio.
at 20:00 rhythmic street parade with Banda Isleña. from Castañero Gordo.
at 21:00 performance by Parranda La Polvajera. Plaza de Sintes.
at 22:00 Verbena Canaria with Orhestras Armonía Show and Orquesta Wamampy. Plaza de Sintes.

Friday 22 September
at 20:30 Theathre: “Tacones Prohibidos”, starring Lili Quintana by Clapso Producciones. Auditorio de Teror. Tickets 5 €

Sunday 24 September
at 19:00 The image of Lady of the Pine is taking back to her resting place in Basílica del Pino

29-30 September
09:00-17:30  42th Rally Villa de TerorPlaza del Pino.


Aug 25 2023 - Sep 30 2023


All Day


Teror, Las Palmas, Spain


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