Fiestas de La Naval 2023 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In La Isleta, celebrations are held every October to honour Our Lady of La Luz, patron of the Port and protector of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The festivities commemorate the island victory over the ill-fated attack by the British pirates Francis Drake and John Hawkins in October 1595. The festivities are celebrated this year between 6-23 October 2023. 

The victory against the British privateer Sir Francis Drake gave rise to the celebration of La Naval, making this event and its Pilgrimage “one of the oldest on the island and possibly in the Canary Islands”, and has been commemorated in the Hermitage of La Luz since 1600.


Thursday 6 October:
at 19:30 the raising of the Virgin’s flag in the parish of Nuestra Señora de La Luz
at 20:00 Pregón, the reading of the proclamation
Friday 7 October:

at 21:00 Election of the Queen of the Festival- Gala
Saturday 8 October:
at 19:30 Election of the Child Queen of the Festival- Gala

Friday 13 October:
at 20:30 Papahuevos parade for Chapuzòn, from Plaza de La Luz to Real Club Victoria
at 22:00 Chapuzón nocturno, ( Plaza María Mérida) one of the main events of the celebrations will take place with the traditional nighttime dip on Las Canteras beach, which will be enlivened by the songs of the murga Los Melindrosos and will feature the participation of neighbours and authorities.
at 22:00 concert by Los Lola at Plaza Saulo Torón

Saturday 14 October: Feast Day 
at 10:00 Diana Floreada from Plaza
at 18:00 commemoration of the battle. The 94th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment will commemorate the Naval Battle that took place in 1595 when the Army and the residents defended the city from the attacks of the privateers Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins from the Castle of La Light.
at 20:00 the procession of the image of Our Lady of La Luz sculpted by José Luján Pérez will run through the streets of the neighbourhood until its return to the church. This day will end at midnight with the recovery, almost a century later, of the recreation of the battle of La Naval with flyers in old format by the El Pilar pyrotechnics of Benjamín Dávila and sons, and the concert by Cristina Ramos and La City Dock Band in the gardens of the Castillo de La Luz.
Saturday 21 October: 
at 18:00 Romería, the traditional pilgrimage-offering to Our Lady of Light that will start from Luis Morote until reaching the parish. at 22:00, The Leyenda Joven group will liven up the night with a concert that will be the preamble to the Night of Taifas and Parranda at 23:00, which will fill the surroundings of Calle Tenerife with colour.
Sunday 22 October: Octava de Naval
at 19:00 the Octava de la Naval will take place with the procession of the image of Our Lady of La Luz, accompanied by civil and military authorities, along the streets Pérez Muñoz, Juan Rejón, Albareda, Gomera, Paseo de Las Canteras, La Naval and Pérez Muñoz before entering the temple under the fireworks that will announce the end of the party after a spectacular burning of fireworks in the Plaza de La Puntilla.



Oct 06 - 23 2023


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