Fiestas de la Santisima Trinidad – El Tablero 2024

A lovely local fiesta, often the first of the big summer fiestas is the patronal saint’s celebration in honour of the Holy Trinity. ‘Fiestas Patronales en honor a la Santísima Trinidad’ in the southern residential neighbourhood of El Tablero, on the other side of the GC-1 from Sonnenland from 9-19 May 2024.

The El Tablero Festivities will feature this year a very special celebration, the 50th Anniversary of its Romería, Pilgrimage around the harvest.
There is also a Fun Fair


Thursday 9 May: 
at 12:00 Flyers and ringing of the bells
at 20:30 Pregón, proclamation by Mercedes Romano, named Romera Mayor and recipient of the Vara de la Romera 2024, given her contribution and involvement in the recovery of the popular customs and traditions of El Tablero at Plaza Pública

Friday 10 May:
at 19:00 The announcing parade
at 21:00 The Gala Campensina infantil, the traditional election of a girl and a boy to represent this years Peasant Child of the Fields, recalling this areas agricultural and tomato harvesting traditions.
at 23:00 Verbena, a lively party with D’Music and Dj Abian Reyes at Plaza Pública 

Saturday 11 May:
at 18:00 Romería
, a pilgrimage offering with all dressed in traditional Canarian outfits with carts, 17 floats, and various vehicles, full of offerings to their patron saint, being brought down to the church with a mixture of solemn ceremony, exuberant traditional music, and much honey rum!
Route: Pabellón de Deportes -> Calle Brasil -> Calle Buenos Aires -> Calle Venezuela to Plaza Pública El Tablero

At the end, the Festival of the Romeros and Romeras will be celebrated, with the performance of the groups ‘El botellín’ and ‘Beletén’. Subsequently, there will be a pyrotechnic show after which the festival will begin by Star Music and Grupo Arena at 23:00 

Sunday 12 May:
at 11:00 VIII Meeting of Pets at the Plaza with equine exhibition, dog contest and more.
at 19:00 Children’s Day in the afternoon with inflatables, face painting, donuts and cotton candy as a Children’s Gala by the group ‘Versity’.

Monday 13 May:
The public square of El Tablero will host various events such as children’s entertainmen at 17:00, and at 18:00 the Dance and Sports Gala where various schools and clubs in the municipality will participate

Tuesday 14 May:
at 18:00 Children’s entertainment in the afternoon

Wednesday 15 May:
The little ones in the house will have a special Fair day, where the attractions will have special prices
at 18:00 in the Plaza, there will be workshops on traditional games such as spinning top, sack races, stick game…

In addition, from 16:00 to 20:30 the Charity Cut ‘Ya era hora’ will be held where you can get a hair cut with a cost of €10 and the benefits will be used to help the sick boys and girls of the Oncology ward of the Insular University Hospital – Maternal and Child.
at 20:00 The ‘Football Match between all Women’ will be held on the Eleuterio Valerón field.
at 21:00 The XXII Meeting of Juan Gil Soloists will be held; in which the group ‘Agrupación Folklorica Amigos de la Cucaña’ and the soloists Simón Artiles Miranda, Ana Gil Rodríguez and Iván Quintana Ramírez will participate.

Friday 17 May:
at 19:00 Children’s Activities
at 21:30 A Tribute to Fito and Fitipaldis by Los Fito y Tú, and DJ Ochentour in the Plaza de El Tablero.

Saturday 18 May: 
at 11:00 Foam Party
at 12:00 the Bajada de la Rama with the Guiniguada Band. The lowering of the branch procession ( a quirky prehispanic tradition still included in many of the main island main celebrations). Route normally from the IES school to the Plaza via the main streets.
at 13:30 Performances from Los Aseres and Qué Chimba
at 23:00 Verbena, a festive party will begin with Leyenda Joven and Banda Larga, and the day will conclude with a low-sound pyrotechnic show at midnight.

Sunday 19 May:
At 07:00 Diana Floreada will wake up the residents of the municipality to announce the end of the party.
at 12:00 the solemn religious function will be celebrated with the Mass Sung by the Folklore Group Friends of the Cucaña that will give way to the procession in honour of the Holy Trinity through the streets.
at 14:00 The Great Paella will be held outside the El Tablero Municipal Sports Pavilion enlivened by ‘Banda Guiniguada’
at 15:00 Solajero festival with Paco Guedes and DJ Ochentour.
at 21:30 The End of the Party Gala with performances by comedian Maestro Florido, and music by Kilian Viera and Twinyi.


May 09 - 19 2024


All Day


El Tablero
El Tablero, Las Palmas, Spain

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