Fiestas de San Lorenzo 2023

The festivities of San Lorenzo between 29 July to 15 August 2023, were declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in the Canary Islands in 2022, and in its last edition it received almost 30,000 visitors during its events, as well as more than 50,000 attendees on the Night of the Fires. 

A wonderful time to visit this unique little population centre of San Lorenzo, in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as they are celebrating their Patron Saint’s festivities between 29 July – 15 August 2023.

San Lorenzo, a lovely little village just about 15 minutes from the capital, is a tranquil place that only gets busy on Sundays with their local farmers market just next to the church. Fiestas de San Lorenzo is most famous for its fireworks show and the ‘Fuegos de San Lorenzo’ which was declared a Festival of Tourism Interest of the Canary Islands by the Canarian government in June 2022, a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

Friday 4 August: Drag Queen Gala

The program of the festivities will start next Saturday, July 29, with the Diana Floreada by the Guiniguada Band, at 05:00 in the morning, and, later, at 21:30, with the reading of the proclamation that in this edition will be pronounced by the resident of San Lorenzo and architect, Carlos Javier Cabrera, presented by the proclamation of 2022, the former district councillor, Mercedes Sanz.
The night will culminate with the show ‘Mexico in the Heart’ by Los Gofiones.
The activities will continue the following day, Sunday, July 30, with the celebration of the Agricultural and Crafts Market, between 08:00 and 13:30. There will be inflatable Castles and the Children’s Workshops in the square, at 12:00, Children’s Musical Gala ‘Chiquifiesta’, at 17:30, as well as the Night of Humor by Daniel Calero and Kike Pérez, at 21:30.
On Monday the 31st, music will once again be the protagonist with the concert by the group Sombra del Aguayro, at 21:30.
A day later, on Tuesday, August 1, one of the most anticipated moments arrives with the Raising of the Flag with the Ringing of Bells and the first fireworks of flyers. It will be at 12:00 noon.
Later there will be space for art and music. First with the Colloquium on the artist Jesús Arencibia, in the parish church, and with the inauguration of the exhibition ‘San Lorenzo in the Imaginary of Arencibia’, outside the Agricultural Market, both appointments at 12:30. Later, at night with the celebration of the Teresa Guzmán Delgado Hi-Fi Scale with the participation of boys and girls, young people and families from the town.
On August 2, at 19:00 Children’s Day will take place with reduced prices at the funfair that, between 19:00 and 20:30, will have no music or noise for children with Spectrum Disorders Autistic (ASD). Later, at 21:30 p.m., the XXX National Festival of Folklore Isla de Gran Canaria will be held.
The elderly will be the protagonists on August 3 with a day in their honor in which, at 19:00, a gathering and snack will take place at the CEIP San Lorenzo and a Tribute concert to Los Panchos, by Los Tres Aries, at 21:30.
Modernity and the avant-garde arrive on Friday, August 4, with the Gran Gala Drag Queen, presented by the comedian Omayra Cazorla and with performances by the Comparsa Kisamba and the singers Rubén Dizá and José Ortiz.
Saturday, August 5, will be dedicated to traditions, so please attend in typical Canarian clothing. At 18:30 it will be the big moment with the celebration of the XXXI Romería, a pilgrimage offering to the Patron Saint San Lorenzo. The event will end with the Canarian Night, at 22:00, with performances by the El Pajullo and El Mejunje parrandas and the Acuarela Group.
The Agricultural Market returns on Sunday, August 6, a day in which the Encounter with Papagüevos will also take place, accompanied by the Banda Isleña, at 12:30., and the XIII Antonio Martel and Lorenzo Suárez Memorial, at 21:30, where the greatest pilgrimage and pilgrimage of the festivities will be chosen.
The Parranda de Teror concert, on Monday, August 7, and the show ‘Contigo Aprendí’ in homage to Armando Manzanero by Marieme, on Tuesday, August 8, both at 21:30, will be the acts highlights of the following days, before the eve of San Lorenzo, on Wednesday, August 9, which will begin, at 05:00, with the Ringing of Bells and the fireworks of flyers and will continue at night with the concert of the groups Karma and Los 600, starting at 21:30.
Groups that will liven up the night until the great moment of the festivities: the Great Burning of Fireworks and the Voladores Volcano, one of the most important pyrotechnic events in the Canary Islands, which will take place at 01:00 in the morning from 9 to August 10.
In the morning, the day of the San Lorenzo Festival, the traditional Cattle Exhibition Fair will take place, at 09:00, the Solemn Religious Function in honor of San Lorenzo, at 12:00, the Great Procession of the Patron Saint and co-patrons accompanied by the Teror Music Band, at 13:00, which will culminate with the award ceremony for the best specimens of cattle and with a toast with the authorities and, finally, with the Grand Gala of San Lorenzo, at 21:30, where the distinctions ‘Madre Mayor’ will be presented to Carmen Suárez and Favorite Daughter to Rosario Cabrera.
The Latin Night, on Friday the 11th, at 22:00 the El Vega Live concert, on the Youth Night on August 12, also at 22:00. The Agricultural Market, on Sunday the 13th, from 08:00, as well as the concert by the group Linaje, at 21:30. The ’30th Anniversary’ Tour of Los Coquillos, on Monday, August 14, at 22:00, and the performance of Kilombo Impromptu, at 23:30 are other acts that will continue the festivities until the popular Verbena del Solarejo, with the groups Haché Tamarindos and Yoni y Aya, and the final fireworks of flyers at the end of the festivities, starting at 14:00 on Tuesday, August 15.


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