Fiestas del Buen Suceso, San Roque & Fiestas de San Haragán – Carrizal, Ingenio

Fiestas del Buen Suceso, San Roque and San Haragán in Carrizal between 4-27 August 2023. 

The program includes religious acts, among which the pilgrimage offering to Our Lady stands out on August 14 and the solemn religious function scheduled for the main day of the festivities: August 15. The rest of the calendar takes us through popular activities with events for young people, adults, and also for children. The music will bring us, among others, the Zonal and Soloists’ Show that, for another year, the AFC Guayadeque de Carrizal offers us. They will be joined by the festivals, the Chelys Odalys choir, the Salvapantallas and even the humour of Dani Calero.

The Fiestas program also includes the activities framed in the Fiestas de San Haragán, which will be held in El Burrero on August 26 and 27.


Aug 04 - 27 2023


All Day


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