Fiestas patronales Santo Cristo – La playa de Ojos de Garza

The Ojos de Garza beach will start its patron saint festivities in honour of Santo Cristo on Friday 1 September, with a little street parade that will take place at 19:30 and later at 21:00, Pregón, the proclamation.

Afterward, a floral offering at 22:00, followed by a performance by comedian Iván El Bastonero at 22:30 and music by Kalobo at midnight.

on Saturday, September 2 a fishing contest in memory of Diego Arévalo at 08:00
at 20:00, Romería, the offering pilgrimage, and performances by Canarian music groups at 21:30 and a live street party at 23:00

On Sunday 3, the Juan León Canarian wrestling exhibition at 10:00 and the Canarian podenco dogbreed exhibition at 12:00

On September 8, the Paco Cáceres Memorial football game at 10:30.
at 20:00 A posthumous tribute to the former neighbourhood leader of this enclave, Juan Pedro Pérez Medina.
at 21:30 a recital by Nany Jiménez  and music by the hand of Leyenda Joven at 23:00

The festive events culminate on Sunday, September 10, with salt carpets at 08:00.
mass and religious procession at 12:00 and music by DJ Airam Vega



Sep 01 - 10 2023


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