Fiestas San Antonio de Padua 2024 – Villa de Moya

Villa de Moya, on the rugged north of the island, is celebrating patron saint’s festivities, in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua between 31 May -22 June 2024.


Friday 31 May:
at 20:00 Pregón, proclamation
Súbito Koral performance at Plaza Tomás Morales.
Lively street parade with Banda Guayedra and papahuevos ( big paper mache dolls)
at 22:00 performance by ‘Chicas Melodía’ at Plaza del Arbol Redondo

Saturday 1 June:
11:00-17:00 Family Festival with aquatic bouncy castles on the football field Garcia Hernández
at 20:00 Final of the Champions League 2024 on the big screen at Plaza Tomás Morales
at 22:00 Concert by ‘Tutto Durán’ on stage in Calle Miguel Hernández
at 23:30 Edwin Rivera and his orchestra on stage in Calle Miguel Hernández

Sunday 2 June:
08:00-13:00 Livestock Fair with exhibitions on in the esplanade of La Fragata fairgrounds
at 18:00 Eucharist, followed by a religious procession 

Saturday 8 June: San Antonio Suena
from 16:00 bouncy castles and workshops on Calle Miguel Hernández
Music on stage in Calle Miguel Hernández
at 18:00 Los Salvapantallas
at 20:00 Seguridad Social
at 22:00 Los 600
DJ Ulises Acosta
at 23:30 Lively festive party with Armonía Show and DJ Promaster at anfiteatro in the municipal park Pico Lomito

Sunday 9 June: 
10:00-15:00 ‘Moya Dulce’ fair 
11:00-14:00 Children’s activities
at 13:00 Concert by ‘Los Gofiones’ on stage in Calle Miguel Hernández

Saturday 15 June: 
at 17:30 Romería, pilgrimage offering.
Baile de Taifas to follow in front of the church

Sunday 16 June: 
from 09:00 XXXI fair of tasting cheese and local products at Plaza Tomás Morales.
at 12:00 homenage to San Antonio de Padua, going all the way to the church, followed by a eucharist and religious procession with the statue of the patron saint.

Monday 17 June:
from 10:00 Traditional and popular Sancocho Canario (€3).
at 18:00 Bajada de los papahuevos (the big paper-mache dolls) from the Anfiteatro of the municipal park Pico Lomito, followed by a festive part with the band ‘La Tribu’


May 31 2024 - Jun 22 2024


All Day


Villa de Moya

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