Fiestas y Feria de San Miguel 2023 Valsequillo de Gran Canaria

Fiestas y Feria de San Miguel 2023
Valsequillo de Gran Canaria is celebrating their Patron Saint ‘Festivities and Fair of San Miguel Arcángel between 15 September – 8 October 2023.


Friday 15 September:
at 21:00 Pregón, proclamation at Plaza de San Miguel

Saturday 16 September:
at 11:00 Fun with the family in the pedestrian area and Plaza Tifaritti.
at 21:00 Noche de la Canción, local singers giving their very best.
at 23:00 Concert by Los Salvapantallas at Plaza Tifaritti, followed by a street party with La Mekánico by Tamarindos.

Sunday 17 September: Sunday of traditions
at 10:00 Traditional activities for the family in the pedestrian area.
at 12:30 International Folk Festival at Plaza Tifaritti
at 19:00 Vals Dance 2023, local kids performing a music spectacle

Friday 22 September:
at 20:30 Noche del Puerta at Plaza Tifaritti
at 23:30 Pub Miguelón at Plaza de San Miguel. Fun entertainment from “yesterday” for the adults

Saturday 23 September: 
at 18:00 Romería, pilgrimage offering 
at 22:30 Noche Canaria at Plaza Tifaritti and at 00:00 Verbena, a lively street party with music

Thursday 28 September: Vispera de San Miguel 
at 21:30 concert by Aristides Moreno & 101 Brass Band
at 00:00 XXXVII Suelta del Perro Maldito
at 01:00 Fireworks show display
at 01:30 Street party at Plaza Tifaritti with Furia Joven and Armonía Show.

Friday 29 September: Día de San Miguel
at 06:00 Diana floreada in the streets
at 08:00 Livestock exhibition
at 11:00 Mass followed by a procession at 12:00.
at 13:00 livestock procession in front of the image of the patron on the pedestrian area
at 18:00 Horse race on the main street.
at 21:30 Fiesta Guateque Años 60 at Plaza Tifaritti. The evening starts with the spectacle “Las Vegas Show”. Dress code 60′

Saturday 30 September:
at 20:30 Fest&Vals – Latin rhythms and music at Plaza Tifaritti



Sep 15 2023 - Oct 08 2023


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