Fontanales | Fiestas de San Bartolomé Apóstol 2023 | Villa de Moya

Fontanales is celebrating their patron saint festivities in honour of San Bartolomé between 12-24 August 2023. Enjoy an exceptional natural and rural environment in the northern mountains of Gran Canaria


Saturday 12 August: Pregón, opening proclamation at 21:00
19-20 August Km.0 Fair Gran Canaria 09:00-14:00 on both days.

Monday 21 August: Potato Contest

Tuesday 22 August: Romería, pilgrimage offering at 19:00

Wednesday 23 August (Vispera)
at 21:00 Mass, followed by a traditional ‘Los Romeros’ procession. at 22:30 Verbena, a street party with DJ Promaster and Armonía Show orchestra.

Thursday 24 August: Feast Day.
During the morning a livestock fair, with traditional Canarian music groups, local products, and tasting of local cheeses.
at 12:00 church services, followed by a procession with the image of San Bartolomé, accompanied by music band. After the procession, a cattle procession in front of the church and awards for the best of the livestock fair.
at 20:00 The grand performance by the Mariachi Gran Canaria and at 22:30 Concert by Los Salvapantallas and Aseres.

Saturday 26 August: Presa Canario (dog breed) contest at 19:00 on the football field.




Aug 12 - 24 2023


Pl. Fontanales, 35421 Fontanales, Las Palmas

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