Maspalomas International Carnival 2024

The Maspalomas International Carnival 2024 is celebrated between 7 – 17 March.
The Maspalomas International Carnival celebrates its 50th Anniversary by adding to its events the Children’s Parade and the Under the Sun Concert on the beach. The allegory this year is “Recuerdos de la television“, Television memories.
All galas and carnival parties (Mogollón) are held in the Shopping Centre Yumbo
Wednesday 6 March: 
at 20:00 Presentation of the Carnival candidates at Faro de Maspalomas, the Lighthouse of Maspalomas.
The Gala announces the candidates who this year aspire to the different reigns of the Maspalomas Carnival 2024. This will be a free gala, open to the public who want to meet and support the candidates.
Thursday 7 March: CC Yumbo
at 20:30 Opening Gala
+ Grand Dame Gala
Friday 8 March:  CC Yumbo
at 19:30 Children’s Reign Gala
at 23:00 Mogollón, Carnival Party
Saturday 9 March:  CC Yumbo
at 21:00 Queen’s Gala
at 23:00 Mogollón, Carnival Party
Sunday 10 March:
at 11:00 Children’s Parade
The parade route is from Mirador de las Dunas de Maspalomas and arrives at the Yumbo Shopping Centre, where several activities have been organised for the little ones in the house.
at 21:00 Meeting of the Comparsas. Light, colour, and music of the Comparsas will be displayed in a meeting where the undisputed protagonist will be rhythm.Monday 11 March: at CC Yumbo
at 18:00 Without Barriers Gala
Tuesday 12 March: at CC Yumbo
at 19:00 Choreography festival.
Students of different dance schools participate.

Wednesday 13 March: at CC Yumbo
at 17:00 Canine Carnival
Thursday 14 March:  at CC Yumbo
at 21:00 Drag Queen Gala (***Ticket event)
*** Online tickets or you can get them from the ticket office at Yumbo, limited to 2 tickets per person.
at 23:00 Mogollón, Carnival Party
Friday 15 March: Day of the tourist
at 12:00 Rescue of the Sardine procession from the Charca de Maspalomas to Playa del Inglés
at 14:30 Carnival in the Sun – concert at CC Anexo II
at 21:00 Tourist Gala
at 23:00 Mogollón, Carnival Party
Saturday 16 March:
at 17:00 Carnival Parade

Departure takes place from the entrance to Playa del Inglés through El Veril.
Route: Parque Tropical, Avda. de Itallia, Avda. de Gran Canaria, Avda. 8 De Marzo,  to Touroperador TUI.
at 20:00 Mogollón, Carnival Party
Sunday 17 March: 
at 19:00 Sardine’s procession from Avda de España, Avda. 8 De Marzo to CC Anexo II
at 2o:00 Reading of the Last Testament
at 20:30 Funeral of the Sardine
at 21:00 concert and fireworks​


Mar 07 - 17 2024


All Day

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