Mogán La Travesía a Nado Eufemiano Verde – swimming competition

The 16th edition of the Mogán ‘La Travesía a Nado Eufemiano Verde’ open water swimming competition on Saturday 22 July 2023. 

The only distance now reaches 2,400 meters, starting at Mogán beach, arriving at Taurito and returning to the finish line again at Mogán beach. (Before, the route started from Taurito and ended at Mogán beach.)

The race has a participation quota of 250 people and will depart at 12:00 from Mogán beach.
Anyone over 15 years of age (as of December 31, 2022) can participate. However, those who are between 15 and 18 years old, that is, minors, must provide the corresponding authorization from their guardian. 


The little ones will be able to register for free in the circuits that will begin at 11:00 in the same bay as Mogán beach. Those in the pre-benjamin category -7 and 8 years old – and the youngest category -9 and 10 years old- will cover a distance of 50 meters. Boys and girls aged 11 and 12 in the juvenile category will cover 100 meters and finally, the participants in the children’s category –13 and 14 years old– will complete a distance of 150 meters.


Jul 22 2023


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