Patron Fiestas San Antonio el Chico – Mogán casco
Jun 6 – Jun 16 all-day


The main street in Pueblo de Mogán will be decorated from the 6st to the 16th of June to celebrate the local patron saint festivities. The San Antonio El Chico 2019 festivities program integrates tradition, culture, sports, leisure with the participation of many residents in the organisation of activities.

The program of festivities includes musical shows and activities for children, traditional children’s games, traditional games for adults, comedy shows, fiestas and concerts.

Fiestas San Antonio de Padua – Santa Brigida
Jun 7 – Jun 16 all-day
Fiestas San Antonio de Padua - Santa Brigida



Highlights : Program for the “Fiestas de San Antonio” – 2019

Friday 7 June
20:00 -Pregón, the proclamation for the local festivities (Centro Cultural de la Villa)
followed by the Inauguration of the XLV Edition of Florabrígida 2019.(at Parque Municipal)
Tasting of wine and local products.

Saturday 8 June
At 12:00 VI Beer festival enlivened by music performances (Recinto Ferial)
At 22:00 Verbena, a after party with Banda Larga  group and Dj Promaster. (Recinto Ferial)

Sunday 9 june
At 11:00 Meeting of the Folk Music groups at Calle Nueva .
at 12:00. The 3rd Day time Family fiesta with animation and activities including a foam party (Recinto Ferial)
12:30 horas. Arrastre de Ganado ( Cattle drawing at Calle Nueva)

Monday 10 June

17:00  Children’s day. Children’s fairground attractions a 1€/ kids  and adults €2  (Recinto Ferial)

Tuesday 11 June

17:00  Children’s day. Children’s fairground attractions a 1€/ kids  and adults €2  (Recinto Ferial)

Wednesday 12 June

at 22:00, Concert of Cristina Ramos. (Recinto Ferial). after at 00:30 Tradicionales Fuegos Artificiales and followed by a after party

Thursday 13 June, Main Day of the festivities !!

07:00 horas. Diana Floreada por las Calles del Casco.

07:00 The Cattle fair opens  (Cercados del Pueblo)

10:30 horas. Traslado de la Bandera de la Villa con nuestro Pendón, desde el Ayuntamiento a la Parroquia de Santa Brígida

11:00 horas. Eucaristía y Función solemne en honor de San Antonio de Padua. Seguidamente en la Plaza de la Iglesia entrega de distinciones al ganado premiado.

20:30 horas. Noche de humor con Daniel Calero y Maestro Florido. (Recinto Ferial)

Friday 14 June 

19:00 horas. Ronda cambio de estación a cargo de la Parranda San Antonio. (Calles del Casco)

20:30 horas. Teatro ‘La vida tinta. Summer edition’ y Nashua Fallen en Concierto. (Florabrígida)

23:00 horas. Noche de Djs con Álvaro Rodríguez, Juanjos y Abian Reyes. (Recinto Ferial)

Saturday 15 June 

09:00 horas. Excursión del Club Municipal de Mayores “Todos en Familia a Los Llanos de Ana López” Información e inscripción en el Club Municipal de Mayores.

10:30 horas. II encuentro de Identidad Toques de Tambor. Muestra Salto del Pastor. La Revoliá. (Florabrígida)
12:30 horas. Concierto Étnico a cargo de Abraham Ramos Chodo Quartet. (Florabrígida)
At 15:30 the first Moto meeting and is enlivened by music performances (Recinto Ferial)
At 18:30 Concert at the municipal park (Florabrígida)

Seguidamente. Concierto Canción de Autor a cargo de Rubén Rodríguez que presenta su nuevo Cd “Maridaje”. (Florabrígida)

At 21:15. Concert at Recinto Ferial

23:15 horas. Verbena a cargo del Grupo Leyenda Joven y Dj. (Recinto Ferial)

Sunday 16 June

Between 10:00 – 14:00. workshops and traditional games at the municipal park ( Florabrigida)

at 20:00 The  XLV Edition of Florabrígida closes . (Florabrígida) and is followed by a closing concert of the festivities,



Fiestas Tasarte
Jun 10 – Jun 24 all-day
Fiestas de San Juan – Telde
Jun 14 – Jun 24 all-day
Fiestas de San Juan - Telde

The municipality of Telde celebrates the Fiestas Patronales in honour of San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist), within the historic setting of San Juan.

Main festive day is on the 24th June, and the night before is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires, which light up every corner of the neighborhood. On St Johns day there are many exhibitions, cattle shows and street shows including artistic performances etc. It is also a local bank holiday in Telde.

Ofrenda Romería del Pino – Teror
Sep 7 all-day

The big weekend for the Fiestas del Pino, sees more than 200,000 people going to enjoy the Pilgrimage-Offering, the day of the Patroness and Las Marías.

The major fiesta held in Teror is the Fiesta in Honour of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine), patron of the island of Gran Canaria. It dates back to the seventeenth century when the venerated statue of the Virgen del Pino was taken down to the island capital in order to add emphasis to their prayers for rain. By the eighteenth century a pilgrimages had started to become one of the most popular events, and still these days they remain as one of the main attractions of this traditional fiesta. The meeting of the faithful and the procession-goers on the road to Teror throughout the night are now a custom that draws thousands of visitors and residents from across the islands.

Monday, 9 September is also a bank holiday on Gran Canaria, so most non-tourism oriented shops will be closed to celebrate the revered patron saint of Gran Canaria, in honour of the Virgin of the Pine. 

Bank Holiday – Gran Canaria
Sep 9 all-day
Bank Holiday - Gran Canaria

Monday, 9 September 2019 is a bank holiday on Gran Canaria, so most non-tourism oriented shops will be closed to celebrate the revered patron saint of Gran Canaria, in honour of the Virgin of the Pine. ( Nuestra Señora del Pino)