Tejeda Almond Blossom Festival 2024

The 51st edition of the Almond Blossom Festival in Tejeda between 27 January – 4 February 2024. 

“The first weekend of February on Gran Canaria marks the almond blossom festival celebrated in Tejeda. The flowering of the almond trees in the middle of winter, most years as January ends and on into February, heralds the imminent arrival of Spring and, for the communities of the island’s summits, makes the Almendros in Flor perhaps the most important “pagan” celebration of the island’s flowering fields.”

Fiestas del Almendro en Flor Tejeda, one of the most popular festivities during the winter season on Gran Canaria is one of the most wonderful events to visit at this time of year. Almond trees blossoming up in the mountains daubing the beautiful spring scenery in an experience most definitely worth the drive along the island’s oldest roads.

In the past editions of “Fiesta del Almendro en Flor, Tejeda”, there have been countless people coming to Tejeda from around the island, from other islands, from the national territory, and from other countries. This celebration, which started as a local party sponsored by tejedenses still young at that time, has grown in unimaginable ways, becoming what is today a benchmark in terms of esencia of canariedad, the essence of canarianism, expressed through music, dance, food, crafts and local autonomous sports.

Program 2024: 

Saturday 27 January:
at 08:00 IX CronoTrail Almendro en Flor
at 20:30 IX Certamen de Teatro Costumbrista

Friday 2 February
at 09:30 Meeting of schools CEO Tejeda and the CEIP Las Lagunetas, La Lechuza, La Solana, Ariñez, Utiaca and Rey Juan Carlos at the Alfredo Kraus Cultural Center.
at 20:00 Pregón, opening proclamation of the fiestas with music performance at the Alfredo Kraus Cultural Center.
at 21:30 V Encuentro de Parrandas, Canarian music group gathering at Plaza de la Vaguada.
at 23:30 Party with music by La Tribu at Plaza de la Vaguada.


Saturday 3 February 2024:
The first day is dedicated to tourists and for everyone who wants to enjoy all that this village, officially one the most beautiful villages in Spain, has to offer.

From 10:00 Artisan Craft and Gastronomy Fair.
During the day traditional Canarian music from the parrandas and invited groups, as well as workshops and exhibitions with traditional games, Canarian wrestling, shepherd’s jump, Canarian whistle, and stick fighting.
at 12:00 Music show with Maresía
at 14:00 Music show with Faneroque Margullando
at 15:30 Lively little street parade with papahuevos, entertained by the Isleña Band
at 17:30 Music show with Vaya 2
at 20:00h Presentation of the Silver Almond Tree and musical performance
at 22:30 Gran Verbena del Almendro, Almond party

There is also the first edition of “Quick Painting” contest during the day

Sunday 4 February 2024:
The second Day Sunday will be a true sample of culture and Canarian tradition. Artisans, folkloric groups, ventorrillos, typical products of the area, everyone will meet from the early hours of the day setting up an authentic canvas whose most important element is the people who visit. The day will be enlivened by folkloric groups.

From 10:00 Artisan Craft and Gastronomy Fair.
at 14:30 Music show with Compañía Pieles
at 15:00 Music show with Pedro Afonso



There are special bus schedules by Guagua Global to facilitate travel to Tejeda. 

🚌 From the South, bus nro 18 from Faro de Maspalomas

🚌 From the capital, bus nro 305


Feb 03 - 04 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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