Teror Carnival 2024

THE TEROR CARNIVAL 2024, 🤠 which this year will have “México ¡Lindo!” as its allegory.

During the weekend, 1-3 March, Teror will experience its Carnival festivities set in Mexico ¡Lindo!, with an intense lineup of shows and concerts that will take place outdoors, in the Plaza de Sintes venue


16:30-19:30 Creative afternoon with the family, Plaza de Sintes.
Workshops and outdoor family games, aimed at the youngest members of the house.

at 20:30 Great Carnival Gala ‘La más chida’, ‘The coolest’, Plaza de Sintes
Presented by: Yanely Hernández.
Participating: Teror Occupational Center, Elijah Samuel Bompa Arencibia (young Teror candidate for the LPGC Carnival Children’s Throne), Drag Nailen, Saray Castro Talent School, Mara Pérez with her Tribute to Mexico, Vanderbilt Drag, Comparsa ‘Kisamba’ and murga ‘Los Chancletas’.

at 22:30 Parade announcing the ‘Quema del Chorizón’ from the Plaza de Sintes to the New Wall.
Accompanied by the Batucada ‘Makana’ and Comparsa ‘Kisamba’.

23:30-02:30 Verbena ‘Padre’, ‘Father’, Plaza de Sintes.
Dominican Combo concert and performance by Línea Dj.

Day Carnival (afternoon and night) «Ándele Wey»

at 12:00 the 7th High Heel Race on Calle Real de la Plaza
With DJ Ulises Acosta, speaker Jaime García and Drag Hefesto, Elektra and Shiky.

at 14:00 Concert of ‘Los 600’, Plaza de Sintes
at 16:00 Performance of ‘Kilombo Improvised’, Plaza de Sintes
at 19:00  Performance of ‘La Chorimurga de Teror’, with its show “Bar-Bería”.

at 20:30 Drag Queen Gala Teror 2024, Plaza de Sintes
Presented by: Elvis Sanfiel.
Performances: ‘Gemeliers’, Soraya Naoyin, Thania Gil and Tutto Durán.
Drag participants in the Drag Queen Teror 2024 election: 1. Drag La Tacones. 2. Drag Akírax. 3. Drag Inkill. 4. Drag Akram. 5. Drag Kalik. 6. Drag Owen. 7. Drag Nemesis. 8. Drag La Giovadrag. 9. Drag Hephaestus. 10. Drag Kember. 11. Drag Vulcan. 12. Drag Sequins. 13. Drag Eider.

at 23:00 Burning of the Chorizon, Plaza de Sintes

23:30-02:30 Verbena Chingona, Plaza de Sintes
Concert by Tony Tun Tun and the Rocman Band; and a performance by DJ Promaster.


at 12:00 “Tequila and Salt” Carnival Dance,
Plaza de Sintes
Performance by ‘Grupo Kandela’ and ‘Mariachi Alma Ranchera’.










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Mar 01 - 03 2024


All Day


Teror, Las Palmas, Spain

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