The 25th Harvest Fair El Tablero – ‘Feria de la Zafra’

The neighbourhood of El Tablero in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana will commemorate the 25th anniversary of its ‘Feria de la Zafra’, The Harvest Fair between 7-8 June 2024.

The program of activities and ethnographic exhibitions is dedicated to refreshing the collective memory, especially of the new generations, of the tomato agricultural past that supported the birth and subsequent growth of the village until the current tourism industry was implemented.

Friday 7 June:
This edition highlights the screening of the audiovisual documentary ‘Aparceros’ and the subsequent colloquium ‘A story full of life, struggle and hope’, which will take place on Friday at 19:30 in the Carmelo Pérez Rodríguez Cultural Centre.
The film restored and digitised by the Filmoteca Canaria reflects the harsh living conditions associated with the tomato harvests in the south of Gran Canaria in the 1970s. The film shot in 1972 was censored by the dictatorship for five years. The documentary was made by a Basque company that came to the Island to cover an audiovisual assignment of a tourist nature but could not resist filming the harvest. The film was directed by Jesús Almendros and had Ramón Saldías as director of photography, who traveled specifically for this filming, which was made in 35 millimeters in black and white. However, the restored film includes unpublished images of the filming process captured by Saldías’ wife. Maite Beltrán, and also unpublished images of a demonstration that the sharecroppers organised in the capital of Gran Canaria shortly after.

Saturday 8 June: Main Day
The activities on Saturday will all be held in the Plaza de la Iglesia starting at 17:30, with a craft exhibition supported by ten representatives of the Fedac; an exhibition of the work that social and cultural groups have been creating in the town; children’s craft workshops; traditional Canarian games; a corner for specific readings about agriculture, tomato cultivation and the history of the municipality; a photographic exhibition linked to the groups and previous fairs; stands selling gastronomic products and tasting traditional foods from the harvest seasons and an example of plow and stone lifting, stick fighting and the shepherds’ leap.

at 12:00 Family audiovisual spectacle in the cultural centre Carmelo Pérez Rodríguez. Limited capacity

Plaza de El Tablero 

From 17:30 Artisan craft fair, stalls, tastings, and more
at 18:00 Children’s traditional games
at 19:30 Exhibition of traditional games; Sheppards’leap, stick fighting,
at 21:00 Music performance by Althay Páez and the quintet
at 22:30 Baile de Taifas, taifa dancing






Jun 07 - 08 2024


All Day


El Tablero
El Tablero, Las Palmas, Spain

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