Villa de Moya – XVI Ruta de Tapas

The Villa de Moya celebrates its traditional tapas route between 12-13 April, which celebrates its 16th edition this April and does so by offering the best of the municipality’s gastronomy to all its visitors. A route that goes from the coast to the summit and that will have the participation of a total of eight establishments in the Villa de Moya that will offer at the price of 3.50 euros, a drink – wine, beer, water or soft drink – and the option to choose between the two different tapas that each of the premises will have.

The tapas route will be held on April 12 and 13, from 13:00 to 22:00, for which the City Council will make free transportation available to all visitors to travel between the establishments to enjoy without worries.


Apr 12 - 13 2024


1:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Villa de Moya

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