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The City Council of Valsequillo de Gran Canaria has agreed to suspend its 2022 “Ruta del Almendrero en Flor”, Almond Blossom Route festivities. A decision adopted by the Government Group, assessing the circumstances and considering that, at the present time, this festival could not be celebrated while maintaining its essence with parallel events in various places.

Some celebrations that would pose a high risk to public health, due to the large number of people, and that in situations like the current one, “the Local Authority must give a coherent response based on the evaluation of the risks of an event of this magnitude” said the mayor of the town, Francisco Atta, who added “it has been a difficult decision but we are convinced that it is the best option. The Ruta del Almendrero en Flor in Valsequillo is an event in which countless events are carried out in various parts of the municipality where gastronomy, sports, folklore and Canarian traditions are exalted, an act that by its very nature is incompatible to develop at a time like the one we are living in”.


In this way, “La Ruta del Almendrero en Flor”, one more year, is preserved to be able to fully celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023.

Flowering almond trees

The almond tree is one of the trees that bloom first, so it is often considered a symbol of hope and new life. And although this event will not take place this year, the truth is that you can still enjoy the flowering of the almond trees that have also already flourished in Valsequillo. A gift of nature that can be enjoyed in the municipality through various trail routes.